Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Feel Like...

 My dear readers I am alive.... If somebody is asking...... And in Spain, my new home for next 3 months.
And how am I.... if someone is asking..... Well so far Spain is not being good to me...
It´s so hard... Much harder than I think it would be.... I don´t know anyone... Nobody knows english... I don´t know spanish....... peep....  I miss people that I love... Well weather is only thing I don´t miss... It´s 25 degrees! :) AMAZING!
So life is pretty hard... But not get me wrong... I have good days, and I have bad days...And I have amazing days (well at the end I am in Spain :)) )
 And thanks to Julia´s advice (that cure for loneliness is shopping. and just to be clear it really is) I bought some amazing thing! And when I get really blue I try to be like Izy! More adventurous and brave!
But still I can´t stop sometimes feeling like...

..... Sabrina... in Parise... Lost... But looking to find herself...

I feel like Carry... again in Parise... Lost in one magical world...

Yup... I feel lost... But I hope to find myself!
And just to be clear I miss blogging, and reading yours blogs...oh I miss it!

Hope to be back soon!
Until next time I am sending you lots of kisses from lovely Spain!



  1. Honey, thanks God I checked my bloglovin because I was writing an email to you.
    Cheer up sweetie! I've been there and know what you feel. Shopping is one amazing cure, but besides try to walk around. I mean take a bag and go around the city with no map, just walking, watching people, visiting some book stores, eating while walking. It really helps and helps to escape from those 4 walls of your room where you feel so lonely!
    I know that know it sucks but it'll pass. As everything passes.By the end of the third month you'll be unwilling to leave Spain. Just keep on :-*

  2. te lo escribo en español..que mi ingles es muy malo jeje..
    mucho animo!!ya verás como aquí encuentras gente maravillosa!!se paciente!!y ya verás como todo va a mejor!!
    un fuerte abrazo!!=)

  3. Aww thanks for the mention my sweetness! You don't know Spanish, they don't know English? I think you're going to have to sort out some serious Spanglish!!!! :P Just try your best sweetie, if you can master two? languages already I'm sure you can kick some ass with Spanish. Are you serious about 25 degrees? I'm so jealoooouss!

    I'm having a bit of a downer at the moment, that dreamy guy is too busy and too busy traveling to see me! feeling a bit lonely too, but I'm solving it the best way possible this weekend: Travel and some shopping! Not sure where yet, but so excited! Anyway, I suggest you do some shopping and figure out all the things you do like about Spain. Also check out Couchsurfing.com to meet up with some people that speak English near by you! Chin up xxx

  4. It is so hard being away from home, I KNOW!I hope u find it better as the days go on, I know u will, spain is gorgeous!All the luck to u:)

  5. Oh girls thank you on all those kind word! :)) You really make my hearth go boom boom :))

    @Yulia ...well hun you know it all :)) xo

    @lapetiteblonde muchas gracias! :)) i hope it will! and my spanish is like your english,so it all ok :)) xoxoxo

    @Izy.. :)) you are mine inspiration! well i didn´t know they call it Spanglish but I am def. using it :D hahahah
    And yup, Spanish will be third language... Soon I will be Google translator :D hahaha
    And about weather...well :))) amazing I know!

    Oh i don´t like that ´´too busy´´ hmmm... boys!
    see that is what I love about you! you always have some plan! no time to be down or blue, or lonely... :)
    I miss reading your blog :/ hope to find some time..sooon :) xoxoxox

    @natasha thank you hun! :)) i hope it will be like that ;) xoxox


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