Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden Man Fuss

 When European girl decide to watch Oscars then you know that is love (or craziness ... we can never discard that fact). Why else would anybody stay awake until 2:30 AM? WHY?
 So let me share with you same facts from last night..or should I say early morning....
   1.It was BORING!!!
The most time of mine ''watching'' Oscars i spend on twitter reading comments about Oscars,and tweeting. I even watch movie on other TV channel... Do I need to say more?!
 It's funny how in Hollywood,  the center of showbiz there is no one to write some interesting script for Oscars... I really don't understand HOW is that possible... Anyone would like to explain?!

  2. Most interesting part of all Oscar was red carpet... And I think that is a fact that is repeating every year.

  3. Like always Robert Downey, Jr. was AMAZING!
Do you remember his last year Oscars sketch with Jude Law? HILARIOUS! So I am wondering why isn't he been host yet...?

  4. Comment on twitter-totally rocked!
My fave tweet lady is (of course) dkny pr girl! With her tweets you had it all! From fashion to gossips to truth.  Best part was missy X who supposed to wear Donna Karan dress and that at the last minute (and I literally mean minute) change her mind...And came late to red carpet..  Do you hear spoiled star alarm going ON?!

  5. Is it just me or it seems like everyone had some botox, tanning, face lifting touches... hm? Anyone else notice that?

  6. Meryl rocks!!!
Is anyone else noticed that whenever she wears golden dress she gets a golden man?!?!?! Hm... There is something in that!
  7. JLO nipple... That isn't some big fact for me... But it was most talking thing...And it already has her own twitter account.. and US weekly even tweeted her... So..I guess.... Star was born?!

  8. You wait all your life to get Oscar, to be on that stage and than you have 30 seconds to thank all people that help you get there... 30 seconds?! Who decided that 30s is enough? I'll say you who someone who will never get Oscar!

  9. Best/Worst dressed... I would just say this is matter of personal taste and style... But I like...

Have to say I didn't notice the biggest dress up loser... And white was definitely trendy!

 So I can go on and on... But my body is dying... I am so sleepy...Fu**ing Oscars :)))
Until next time....
                      ...... the Oscars go too.... :))

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let's smile!

     I genuine think that smile changes expression of face! Well at least mine does.
See I have that so call ''sad face'' so when I'm not smiling or talking (and trust me that doesn't happen so often) people tend to say me...
''why are you sad''
and OK sometimes I am, but not always! I am just quiet.. And all that explaining can be pretty annoying.

But my face really is different when I smile.. I noticed that when I speak with my freinds on skype (ye talk to friend on skype so you can see him, and the most of time you spend  staring at yourself...sounds familiar? or that is just me..? hm ) When I smile my face changes... It's like I'm different person. 'Have to admit it's very interesting.. But let talk about that some other time :))) or not... :D

The point is.. we need to smile more! And I have perfect person for that, who will  not only make you smile but you will cry smiling! Oh yee! She is one and only, totally smashing ms JC Coccoli 
When I discover  Champagne Problems at HelloGiggles I was blow away! And when I showed my friends they where like..
''wow! why doesn't she have her own show on TV?''
I ask the same... WHY? 
  Just one of facts how cruel is showbiz! But thank god for HelloGiggles!  

This one is one of my favorite...
 Isn't she hilarious? :) ah
If you liked this one be sure to check out for more JC Coccoli Champagne Problems!

    So my dear be sure to smile! To make other smile! To make yourself smile!
Smile, smile and smile :)) Until next time ... xo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


photo source: click here 

Let's say that you know that you will be in speed all day, going from one place to another, and you know that you have that awful habit of being late... So running all dress up isn't strange to you... Knowing all that does wearing high heels on busy day makes you....

                                                 a) fashion slave    
                                                 b) totally crazy person
                                                 c) as my mum likes to says
                                                 ''if you want to look good you have to stick up''
                                                 d) fool on heels
                                                                       ....So what you think?

I am still thinking... In right this moment.... Can't decide..... Hard choice... 
 Siting with mag in my hands, feeling my feet pumping, i can't decide which Nine West heels are most amazing... WHAT? .....eeeee ....NO! I wanted to say it's hard to choose decide .. yup :))
  What can I say... I'm sucker for shoes :)) 

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I LOVE this photo! It reminds me on those fancy photos from magazines :) I can imagine it being on wall of some fancy office or home.. (maybe even mine :)) ) And knowing that I am on this photo, and that my sis took it, make's it totally FAB!

 For you who follow my blog you probably noticed that I mention my sister a lot... I know! I do it all the time.. We are very close, she is my best friend and the most important person in my life.. And I literally can't make any conversation and not to mention her at least twice.. Silly? :) What can I say... that is me.

 For long time I was telling her to make her blog and last Sunday out of the blue that finally happened!
So lady's and gentlemen meet SPARKLE, my sis blog!
I will just say she is FAB, and blog is totally worth following! That said, go and check it out by clicking HERE.

On one of the first post You can see  me modeling... (read making goofy face, laughing like crazy, and pretending that I am model... so much fun!! )
I will just say you Gisele doesn't need to worry that I am going to take her job :D lol
 This is just a sneak peek of that photo shooting, for more go to SPARKLE.

Monday, February 13, 2012

2 in 1: weather + wardrobe

Hope everyone had nice weekend and that you are ready for love week ;)
 First I would like to thanks all of you lovely girls who comment my last post. I had so much fun reading your comments and all about weather ;) And I will try to answer on some of your question at this post.
 So if it wasn't clear with this, with this one become more clear but now i am going to make it perfect clear that theme  of the month is weather :)
For you who follow my blog you may know I was living in Spain, and just to be clear this isn't Spain :) It's home sweet home time <3 And I can say that I never ever remember that we had so cold and snowy winter. And you know it's strange when you hear old people say
" i don't remember winter like this"
so it's pretty strange... One of thing that i notice is that no one is saying '' in France or Germany or Poland is very cold'' now they use European cold weather. So woohoo Europe we rock, or should I say freeze :) But as I said there is nothing that can stop me from looking good and warm at the same time ;)
hat: present from Parise, jacket: Primark, sweater:Terranova, skirt: Stradivarius, socks: H&M, boots: Primark

So as you see weather can scare me... Hm or should I say freeze me? :D
 Good thing of this weather is that my dog is enjoying so much! And seeing him play and with so much joy I almost forgot how cold it is... Than I start feeling that I can't feel my fingers and it's the end of magic ;)
And do you know what is worst than -24 degrees? -8 with wind..brrrrrr.... But day by day and winter will pass...WooHoo :)
 Well that would be all from me! Sending you lot's of kisses! C' ya! xo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Little things

Yesterday was  the coldest day of this year with -24°C . And I can say it wasn't so bad as it sounds :) of course if you are in your warm home :) hahahah
 No, really it wasn't that bad.
When I went out I was like ''really it's -24°C'' it didn't feel like... Well to be honest I don't know what was I expecting from -24°C ... But it wasn't that. Only thing that was reminding me that is very, very cold was some strange chills. I never felt something like that.. it was like electricity was circulating through my muscle..Very, very strange!
But today is -14°C.. oh my God how hot it is :D lol
Even sun is shining. And when I look through my window it look like perfect winter day... with -14°C :D
Wait... Again I am talking about weather?
Good thing all this (well at least for me) is wearing all kinds of hats, berets and I love, love, love all those things to wear and incidentally (NOT)  I bought more then 1 hat for this season :))
  So yes, it's cold, and yes maybe I am freezing but at least I look good :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Too Hot To Handle

Are you an The Vampire Diaries fan??
One month ago I wasn't, and I didn't understand all that fuss of my friend for that show.
''The Vampire Diaries '' what is that? Vampires killing people and they make diaries? What can be so interesting there?! Than few weeks ago I got sick  and I couldn't go anywhere from my house or better said bed and I decided to watch one episode ... I now I am hooked :))
Yes thing sometime are not what they seem to be! 
But lets get back to TVD! My first question,WHO is hotter Damon or Stefan? :)
I don't know about you but I thing they couldn't be hotter than does two! That Nina is one luck girl, isn't she? They pay her to kiss this two hunks! Come on! Life isn't fair! I want that job!!  :P
This month EW talks about TVD  phenomenon too, and plus it comes with covers that are (in mine opinion)  too hot to handle :) so if you have weak heart live this page because your blood pressure may jump :)

Oh how lucky is she?! :)
And I don't want even to mention that in real life she is dating Ian (Damon) oh......
envy, envy, envy... :)
So is this too hot to handle?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More SuperBowl impressions- Tom Brady

I always said how lucky is that man when Gisele choice him for her man. Let's be honest no one would say NO to Gisele :) But after watching SuperBowl I have to say
Gisele... You lucky bitch... Tom Brady is insanely HOT! :P
I don't know why but for me seeing sport is kind of  hot! You have to admit, there is something in boys who can play sport! 
So I guess I am one of those girls who has crush on jocks. 
And do you want to hear funny side of that crush? :))) 
You do?
I didn't have one boyfriend who was jock! Yup :D
I can't say that i know or that I meet lots of jocks but from those that I met no one was the one for me :)
It seems that I am one of those people who like to watch but not to touch.... (wait, wait... there is something seriously wrong in this i right or am i right?? for all who are reading this i am sorry sometimes i just can't stop laughing on mine own words :D)
But lets get back on hot Tom Brady :) Some of you would say that he isn't that good looking, but for all of you here is the photo...
How cute is he looking here? :) 

So tell me on the scale from 1 to 5 (and 5 is totally insanely hot) 
how hot is Tom Brady? :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Public class of how it needs to be done-Madonna!

  Last night I watch for the first time SuperBowl because I wanted. Usually I watch it because of my dad. But this year when I hear that MADONNA is performing I was in for good!
It was like public class for all singers, dancers, performers... She prove one more time she is the queen of pop music! She showed everyone how it needs to be done!
From choice of songs she sing, what she wear, dancing... She blow me away!
After this it's perfectly clear no one can replace Madonna! Let's not talk to much... 

So dear Lady Gaga see how you don't need a piece of meat for a dress to be theme of everyone conversation!

And you my lovely readers, what do you think?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let's talk about... weather!

These days I have impression that all I talk about is weather. In every conversation I am having, weather is popping up.... With all my friend... All around the Europe... In 3 language..
''is it snowing...oh so many's so's freezing''  
Yup, I am becoming quite an English lady in deed ;)
And as you see I have a lot to talk about ;)
 I am in snow fairy tale :) And it's pretty amazing!

So how is weather?! :) xoxo
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