Monday, February 13, 2012

2 in 1: weather + wardrobe

Hope everyone had nice weekend and that you are ready for love week ;)
 First I would like to thanks all of you lovely girls who comment my last post. I had so much fun reading your comments and all about weather ;) And I will try to answer on some of your question at this post.
 So if it wasn't clear with this, with this one become more clear but now i am going to make it perfect clear that theme  of the month is weather :)
For you who follow my blog you may know I was living in Spain, and just to be clear this isn't Spain :) It's home sweet home time <3 And I can say that I never ever remember that we had so cold and snowy winter. And you know it's strange when you hear old people say
" i don't remember winter like this"
so it's pretty strange... One of thing that i notice is that no one is saying '' in France or Germany or Poland is very cold'' now they use European cold weather. So woohoo Europe we rock, or should I say freeze :) But as I said there is nothing that can stop me from looking good and warm at the same time ;)
hat: present from Parise, jacket: Primark, sweater:Terranova, skirt: Stradivarius, socks: H&M, boots: Primark

So as you see weather can scare me... Hm or should I say freeze me? :D
 Good thing of this weather is that my dog is enjoying so much! And seeing him play and with so much joy I almost forgot how cold it is... Than I start feeling that I can't feel my fingers and it's the end of magic ;)
And do you know what is worst than -24 degrees? -8 with wind..brrrrrr.... But day by day and winter will pass...WooHoo :)
 Well that would be all from me! Sending you lot's of kisses! C' ya! xo


  1. great pics!
    u have a very nice blog,
    i would love u to take a look at mine and follow if u like it ;)
    kisses from Spain,


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