Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let's talk about... weather!

These days I have impression that all I talk about is weather. In every conversation I am having, weather is popping up.... With all my friend... All around the Europe... In 3 language..
''is it snowing...oh so many's so's freezing''  
Yup, I am becoming quite an English lady in deed ;)
And as you see I have a lot to talk about ;)
 I am in snow fairy tale :) And it's pretty amazing!

So how is weather?! :) xoxo


  1. In fact it´s soooo cold in my country, we aren´t used to it xD But there´s no snow where I live. Snow is wonderful!

  2. See we all talk about weather :D lol
    at list ''we'' in europe :P


  3. Lepe fotke, da svi pricamo o vremenu. Neko mrzi sneg, ladno, a neko voli. Ja sam od oni prvi, mrzim ladno vreme, zelum sunce i leto =)

  4. Our weather here has been quite the hot topic too. I live in Nebraska, and usually we have blizzards and subzero temperatures ... well this year we all thought we were in California or something ;) We finally got snow this weekend, about 7 inches of it. So its kind of weird to be surprised at getting snow.

  5. @ Liz Brown
    Oh i totally understand u! Just last week I was talking with my friend about why isn't snowing and this week when is going to stop! :D lol
    Weather is crazy! xx

    @ Marama
    Ma potpuno te razumem! Po ovoj hladnoci nije mi ni do cega ;)

    And YES we all talk about weather! ;)


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