Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let's smile!

     I genuine think that smile changes expression of face! Well at least mine does.
See I have that so call ''sad face'' so when I'm not smiling or talking (and trust me that doesn't happen so often) people tend to say me...
''why are you sad''
and OK sometimes I am, but not always! I am just quiet.. And all that explaining can be pretty annoying.

But my face really is different when I smile.. I noticed that when I speak with my freinds on skype (ye talk to friend on skype so you can see him, and the most of time you spend  staring at yourself...sounds familiar? or that is just me..? hm ) When I smile my face changes... It's like I'm different person. 'Have to admit it's very interesting.. But let talk about that some other time :))) or not... :D

The point is.. we need to smile more! And I have perfect person for that, who will  not only make you smile but you will cry smiling! Oh yee! She is one and only, totally smashing ms JC Coccoli 
When I discover  Champagne Problems at HelloGiggles I was blow away! And when I showed my friends they where like..
''wow! why doesn't she have her own show on TV?''
I ask the same... WHY? 
  Just one of facts how cruel is showbiz! But thank god for HelloGiggles!  

This one is one of my favorite...
 Isn't she hilarious? :) ah
If you liked this one be sure to check out for more JC Coccoli Champagne Problems!

    So my dear be sure to smile! To make other smile! To make yourself smile!
Smile, smile and smile :)) Until next time ... xo


  1. Oh yes, we need to smile more and more.

  2. You certainly know how to make a girl smile! Couldn't agree
    more with you that we need to smile and love this beautiful post,

    Lacey xoxo

    1. thank you so much! u make me blush :)


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