Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Barcelona From My Camera

Barcelona and Me.. that is LOVE!
 So as one big Barca lover (amador de Barca) I have to say if you ever visit Barcelona be sure to have picnic at Parc de la Cintadella! Or just sit there and try to absorb all that beauty!
 One thing is sure.. you will be blown away!

and be sure to take photo with this amazing guy! :)

until nex time...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Silly Girl, One Hill, and Memories

OK. i admit. i'm still crying about OTH ending. Yes I do. Like a baby.
Every time I see some video on YouTube about OTH season 9 something happens in my heart, and my eyes...and here we go tears. And do you want to hear crazy thing? You do.
I didn't yet start to watch season 9! I know, I know.. totally crazy!
But I have to say it...

Dear One Tree Hill.
I do. I really do love you!
You have been one of mine favorite TV entertainment.
And you gave me a lot of joy, music and dreams (I'm still sometimes dreaming/joking about James being my boyfriend. WAIT.WHAT. What. I didn't say anything... :D )
So my dear OTH, when I finally sit and start watching that final season.. I will cry and cry...
But know one thing..
 I did loved, and I do love, and will love you!
Because there can be only one Tree Hill!

Love! S.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

40 and ...

40 and looking like this?!
Sign me IN!
40 and being successful women, mom and someone's woman?
Sign me IN!
40 and having  sexy 20 years younger hunk for boyfriend?
Oh do, please do sign me IN!
40 and still believing in love...?!
Definitely sign me IN!
40 and don't caring what everybody is saying, talking, thinking..just living and enjoying your life..
Oh soo sign me IN!

Seems like having 40 ROCKS!
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