Friday, April 20, 2012

Silly Girl, One Hill, and Memories

OK. i admit. i'm still crying about OTH ending. Yes I do. Like a baby.
Every time I see some video on YouTube about OTH season 9 something happens in my heart, and my eyes...and here we go tears. And do you want to hear crazy thing? You do.
I didn't yet start to watch season 9! I know, I know.. totally crazy!
But I have to say it...

Dear One Tree Hill.
I do. I really do love you!
You have been one of mine favorite TV entertainment.
And you gave me a lot of joy, music and dreams (I'm still sometimes dreaming/joking about James being my boyfriend. WAIT.WHAT. What. I didn't say anything... :D )
So my dear OTH, when I finally sit and start watching that final season.. I will cry and cry...
But know one thing..
 I did loved, and I do love, and will love you!
Because there can be only one Tree Hill!

Love! S.


  1. oh tell me about it :D

  2. i must admit ive never seen this show, but my little sister did make me visit all the sights in wilmington, NC one year LOL!!! :)

  3. Wow, I used to watch OTH all the time! I stopped watching like season 7, but I LOVED it! wonder what happened towards the end, maybe I will have to catch up!


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