Friday, July 29, 2011

Just to say....


Rainy day... Again... Blah!
But  yesterday happened something  pretty amazing that I must share with you :)))

  After writing post about absolutely must I tweeted the link of post (with lots of hopes)  to DNKY PR girl so she can...i don't know...maybe read it. And then something absolutely amazing happened. 
She (DNKY PR GIRL) tweet ME! Saying that she love my shoes choice, and thanking me for all lovely words i said about her. I could not believe my eyes! She actually read my blog! And LIKE it!
I was literally jumping from joy (Yes, I need a little to be happy! But this was huge!) :))
That was so exciting for me! And totally made my day!

 So big thanks to DKNY PR GIRL for making may day absolutely fabulous! And if you don't believe me :) I don't blame you. Just click HERE and see it, on my twitter page!!!
Ye, I am still happy because of it :))

Small step for humankind but gigantic step for this geek! :)))) 
So that was my big news :) 
It's FRIDAY! Yeah! Hope you will enjoy in weekend!
My plans for weekend? I don't have it..... Something to recommend me?!

Until next time my cat & I send you lots of  love & kisses!
Hope you like our mirror photo :)) 

Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Absolutely MUST!!!

 There are some things that are (in my head) categorized under absolutely MUST!

 These Donna Karan New York shoes are absolutely MUST HAVE!
They are perfect summer shoes that can make every outfit fabulous!  I absolutely adore them!

  And one more thing among all the other wonderful stuff that are coming from Donna Karan, is her PR girl known as DKNY PR GIRL! 
You absolutely MUST VISIT/ CHECK OUT/ GET TO KNOW this girl and her PR fashion world on hers blog/tumblr. It's perfect way to get a little part of NYC spirit, life of one fashion PR girl, lots of PR advice,and all glam and glitter of fashion world. Place where you can read sometimes something smart, sometimes something funny, but always something interesting! And to see lots of beautiful pics! So click HERE

 You absolutely MUST ENJOY in heat of sun!
I know everybody is talking about have is bad for our skin, but this few rainy days reminded me how summer is slowly passing by, and that i need to enjoy in every sunny day, so my batteries will capture enough sun That I can survive the winter. So get sunblock cream, and enjoy!

And just one more thing :) You absolutely MUST read my blog! Blink, blink :)))

You know....COOL, TUNED, SMILEY :)))
See ya! xoxo

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Me, 'Stupid' Movie', and Gorgeous Edward

In my part of hemisphere it's cold... It rains... Seems like it's September and not July. So I am drinking coffee.... Looking through my window that London weather....But  far, far away from London... Music playing.... and I have some thoughts that I MUST share with you. :))) Absolutely must!
I saw this movie... Pay attention!

Chalet Girl (and I am saying this with perfect British accent!)
Ii's....It's.... so stupid! :D
Probably the most stupid movie that I watched in a long, long time!
So stupid that i watched it twice! Yes, I said twice! :D


Let me be more clear :) It's good kind of stupid movie! The story of movie is simply and... well let say this.. British making "american"  romantic comedy! Yeah...  If you are looking for movie easy to watch, and just to relax, have some fun... It's PERFECT! And you MUST watch it!

Scenes and landscape are so beautiful... It's lovely to watch!
Watching it I wish it would snow! And how crazy is that? I`m bitching all winter about cold, snow, and now in  summer I am thinking how snow is nice! :D Ah....

And lets not forget gorgeous ED WESTWICK! Blink-blink :))) With his gorgeous British accent! Aww....He is so hot! (Saying this also with perfect British accent! :D ) And if you are fan of Gossip Girl this is perfect chance to hear him speak with British accent! And let me just say this...
  Dear Ed :)) (blink blink),
You look so....HOT!
And just that you know.... I`m waiting for you!
I'll even forgive you that you are just 175 cm ( 5' 9"),
 and that I (ultimately high heel shoe lover) would have to wear flat shoes 
when I am with you. 
 Yes, everyting for you babe!
See how awesome I am?! Blink, blink :))
With all MY love,

Now when that is said :) Enjoy Tuesday!
And if any of you will be watching movie, PLEAS let me know your opinion! 
Stay tuned & cool! xoxo

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back To Black

R.I.P. Amy....

Even if you didn't love her music you have to admit that this is tragic...

I didn't know  to write about this or not....


One question is constantly repeating in my head...

Why didn't someone help her?

After public disgrace at show in Belgrade... Where everyone could see that she needs HELP!
Why didn't? Someone... Anyone...


We become so self destructive that nobody can help as....


People will say that she use drugs because she had money. I don't think so...

She was just one sad and lonely girl... Not strong enough to stop....

My favorite song...

 Tears Dry On Their Own

Question still stands....

Sorry if I put some black thoughts in your head at Sunday

But some thing/question you just have to say LOUD!

Be safe! Love

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I caught myself watching Sex & City on 3 different TV station! (Just to be clear on different hours)
TV station #1 Carrie & Aidan hook up for the first time!
TV station #2 Carrie & Aidan hook up for the second time!
TV station #3 CarrieAleksandr hook up!
And guess what, I enjoy like I was watching it for the first time and not...well that is not countable :)
You must admit that is pretty strange thing! In century with so many TV station and internet I am still  watching the same thing over and over again! 
That start me thinking, how many times can I watch the same thing over and over again ,and be interested by the same story, and lie to my mind that I forgot some parts (and I didn't)  and be thrilled with outfits as when I watched it for the first time. How many times? 
 My sis and me love to say that our kids will probably going to watch it too! :D (Likely with us :) )

Any of you boys (Yes! BOYS! You know you love it! It is not ashamed to admit it!) and girl have the some questions?! 
Some things are just EPIC!

So dear,
Darren Star, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Patricia Field
and ALL rest of you lovely people who worked on making this awesome show.
For making best show ever!
And for 
making my day more 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pure skin

  I think at this hot weather (when we are sweating all the time) every advice about skin care (or better said how to clean our skin after all that sweat and dirt) is gold worth! So I have for you one advice or better said product (of course tested on me) with who I am thoroughly amazed!
 Ladies (and gentleman  of course ;) ) I have just few words for you...
essence pure skin anti-spot T-zone mask!
In just 15 minutes you get beautiful and ( this is where I am putting accent) pure skin like after facial treatment Yes, I said 15 minutes! Yes, at your home! And how awesome is that??
I use essence cosmetics and I am very satisfied with it but their cleanin' products are something new for me. So I did little research and found out that essence has whole line of products for cleanin` skin. And after knowing this i cant remember better reason to spend my money. I'll give back to you info about effects!
 O yes, I totally forgot. Did I mention that they are cheap? Good & cheap! Do I need to say anything more?
For more info about essence products visit their site ! 

And if someone who works in essence will read this I must say that i would not mind to receive a basket of products for all this kind words. :D LOL  (Well, girl has to try ;) )

Stay cool & tuned :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pink Madness on Heels

When days are becoming boring, and your life seems to be going by habit and some imaginary line then you know that is RIGHT time for NEW SHOES! What better way to make your day better?
 Seems like this summer I have a thing for PINK shoes .... Hm.... I do! I really do :)))
You don`t know what I am talking about? Click HERE! for more pink shoes!But lets back to this pink madness! :)
This gorgeous baby`s i found at ZARA store and I immediately fall in LOVE! (For me it`s just than easy :) LOL) Aren`t they gorgeous???

Like it? :) 
Stay cool & tuned! xoxo
- S 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I LOVE him! :) Hugh Laurie

 Many (OK! That is lie! Few of them actually!) my friends know how much i love Hugh Laurie! And if any of you have that bad luck to find my blog and read it (your poor souls!) you know it too! :))
And lets be clear on one thing. I am NOT a stocker! And am not that much obsessed with him ... (ok i`m feeling lie somewhere here...)  And i know he is just a actor who plays HOUSE But men he does it so well! 
 He is like perfect model for how older guys (Guys? No! That does not sound right. MEN! Yes! That is word i`m looking for!) MEN can be attractive!

He looks good in a suit!
(and so sexy! if I can add)
He looks good in  casual combination!
He looks good in black!
He even looks good with geeky glasses!
(And if you ask me that is hard work! ) ;)
He looks good even with goofy face!

And now he is looking more charming than ever in commercial! 
Natural, charming, with his so sexy English accent.... Do i need to say anything more?

And how not to love him?! :)) LOL

Stay cool & stay tuned! Love,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Window view

At this moment perfect place for me will be room at these picture!
 Lying comfy, with some book, coffee and Coca-Cola by my side and sound of music and waves  mixing in background . How perfect that sounds? Clean perfection! :))
 My window view, if i can chose, at this moment will be MYKONOS! I am big Greek lover so any place in Greece will be perfect for me.
I've never been to Mykonos but is mine BIG wish to go there! So until I go there, here is some pictures from that beautiful place.
Awww gorgeous! 
Μέχρι την επόμενη φορά :)
Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Music Saturday

I cant STOP listening/singing this song! So awesome!
Good work Bey!

Do you like it?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fashionable Kate Middleton

Is it just me or Kate Middleton is lookin better than ever?! Ok she is too slim, that is fact! But come on even with a few pounds less she is shining! Hm :) Marriage is good for this lady! But we can not notice  that she become real fashionable lady. 
Do you remember what fashion critics said about her before? And now... Well now is different story!  Now (Duchess) Kate Middleton is fashion icon! What she wears, how she wears... BRILLIANT! If you ask critics! In my opinion she was always good dressed lady with here own stile. Well seems like prefix "duchess" can change many opinion. Hm... :) That is all that I will say about that. HM!
So lets look what is Kate wearing! Yes? :) OK!

My personal favorite! Red-white combination! Only ladies with stile can combine this two colors and look fabulous!

Her hair here is perfect! Well done Kate!
And i love shoes-dress color combination! Very classy!

When I see these pics I see love! You? 
What? What is she wearing?! 
I don`t know... Does it matter? 

Simply but elegant!

You must admit her smile is enchanting!
Does it important what is she wearing with this smile on her face???
Hm.. I think NOT!

 Pretty fashionable! Isn`t she? 
From lady with, I quote "not stile" to fashion icon in few steps!
Go Kate! And please eat something! :) 
Love! xoxo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Creative Heaven

  I found a heaven for MY creative mess! It`s name is POLYVORE!
Just when you think I can be more creative than I am  :)))
Making collages with random pictures! Come on! Have not to like it? So today i was bored, and it seemed like a perfect moment to explore that creative world! And guess what? I like it! A lot :)))
So here is the second collage that i made :)

Mess No. 2

And i must say it was so fun doing it! :)) For more of  MY creative mass Clike HERE
Hope you like it! :) Stay tuned!
xo S

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Novak Djokovic

No. 1 tennis player and Wimbledon champion 
Novak Djokovic

Nice day to be Serb! :)
Thank you Nole!
I enjoy watching you make history! 
And I am so proud to be Serb right now!
Love! xo

Impossible is nothing!

Everything is possible! Let that be a thought of today!
Specially people can do it all! And i want to introduce you with not one, but two very special and inspiring persons. 
Milica Đokić i Nenad Mahmutović are this years  winners of Serbian version "I have talent" , their talent is dancing. So why are this young people so special you ask your self...
 They are deaf. And now you are asking your self "But how can they dance??" 
They have 75 %  hearing loss, but they can feel the rhythm through the "special vibration, because they hear the bass, and other steps they count" 
Here is the video of  their performance on the show. The introductions  is on Serbian, but if you push play button at 2:00 minute you will see how they dance!

And how inspiring is that?! 
Yeah, impossible is nothing! Remember that!
xoxo S

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ordinary girl, Rainy days, and Stuff ...

 This days i`ve got a feeling like i am in London! Rain..Than sun... Than rain... And again sun... This days umbrella is my best friend! Just that you know in right this moment i am wearing a sweater! Yup, sweater in July. What a summer! And I am pretty sure I am not in London! Bummer :(
 So far away from London and again in very English weather my day pass.. peacefully and quietly. Pretty boring? I know! :) But i told YOU! I am very ordinary girl :)
 Doing my browsing through blogs/searching internet/what I miss/what is new sniffing i find trailer for one new movie One Day! Did you heard about it? 
If you are not informed as I am few words about it. It is romance/drama based on bestseller book "One Day" by David Nicholls. I say this with shame that I have not read it..yet! (I am not always reading bestseller books!) But i watch a trailer and I can wait to see a movie! It looks amazing! Even this poster for movie is looking so awesome. Little bit vintage (that we already define that i love) little bit fashionable, and with lots of  romance. Looks promising!
  And of course i will read book too! In my case book always turn up to be better than movie. Like "Eat, Pray, Love". I love the book. Movie not so much. Even Julia Roberts who i love could not make it more likable. Ah what a shame...
 But lets get back on "One Day" :)
Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess (and can i just say with his gorgeous accent! awwww :)) ) Promise very romantic movie. So until August. here is trailer to teas you (and me) :)

Penny for your thoughts?!
:))) xoxo
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