Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fashionable Kate Middleton

Is it just me or Kate Middleton is lookin better than ever?! Ok she is too slim, that is fact! But come on even with a few pounds less she is shining! Hm :) Marriage is good for this lady! But we can not notice  that she become real fashionable lady. 
Do you remember what fashion critics said about her before? And now... Well now is different story!  Now (Duchess) Kate Middleton is fashion icon! What she wears, how she wears... BRILLIANT! If you ask critics! In my opinion she was always good dressed lady with here own stile. Well seems like prefix "duchess" can change many opinion. Hm... :) That is all that I will say about that. HM!
So lets look what is Kate wearing! Yes? :) OK!

My personal favorite! Red-white combination! Only ladies with stile can combine this two colors and look fabulous!

Her hair here is perfect! Well done Kate!
And i love shoes-dress color combination! Very classy!

When I see these pics I see love! You? 
What? What is she wearing?! 
I don`t know... Does it matter? 

Simply but elegant!

You must admit her smile is enchanting!
Does it important what is she wearing with this smile on her face???
Hm.. I think NOT!

 Pretty fashionable! Isn`t she? 
From lady with, I quote "not stile" to fashion icon in few steps!
Go Kate! And please eat something! :) 
Love! xoxo


  1. Kako sam se nasmejala na ovo - ''eat something'' :))) Svidja mi se njen stil, i neopisivo mi je lepa za jednu Britanku, iz kojeg razloga je i njena nacija njome odusevljena :) Ali, ne znam zasto vlada taj trend, sto vise licila na dasku to bolje. Meni nije bolje. Odeca bolje stoji s malo mesa na nekome :)

  2. Meni je uvek zadovoljstvo kad nekom izmamim osmeh na licu :) xo


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