Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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 Just to say Hello! 
I'm too lazy, without inspiration, enjoying in summer (finally isn't that hot)....etc. 
Yup, that's my excuse... :D 
What can I say cram, sun... I'm enjoying until rain comes.
Hope you will too!

But I have for you one lovely song that is my favorite these days.
Hope you enjoy!

BTW Did you notice changes at my little corner? :))
Like it?

Love! xx

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I'm Wearing

Let's talk about fashion...
...or better not! :D
This certainly isn't mine most fashionable outfit, it's more 'it's so hot i can't  breathe' outfit.
Yup, I'm still melting. It's so hot I even lost appetite (and in my case that is pretty hard to lose) except for chocolate of course  :D hahahah  You can't expect much fashion when you are sweating all the time.
 So this days I'm wearing comfy stuff, flats, without makeup and mine only accessories are sun glasses and hat. Everything else ,at this heat, is unacceptable for me.                                                                                          
Of course my sis again did magic with photos :) because of that I look so good (well i can say I look good? hm... I'll go with that ) on photos even with hot flushes :D LOL
But this time I had a help from mine lovely pats.

Nothing without them :)
So that is all from me! Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


My dear blog readers.... I'm melting!
It's so hot... That my mind refuses to work.... And I don't blame him!
With these hot I'm in climax... And just that you know  i am not :D LOL
Oh, even laughing is hard work now...

I started writing some new posts, but i didn't finish them, and I try... but i can't make myself... So i decided to share some very interesting posts that I read today. So go check it out!

First there is Izy and her blog post crossroads.

After reading this post I got the impression that the world is one big playground! That you never know what will happen next, and some roads you just need to take. Very inspiring post! And photos... WOW! Absolutely amazing!

Second is Elsie  with hers 3 Easy Infused Water Recipes post.

Well that one i don't need to explain. Do I? :) haha
But I will tell you it's so refreshing!

And for the end some (in my interpretation) food for soul.. For all of you art lovers Yulia did one amazing post  Inspiration of the Week. Trish Biddle: Glamorous Women in Fabulous Places . 
Let me tell you just that I am totally overwhelmed with these post!
This picture is one of my favorites. And my dear friend (ye i am talking to you guys) feel free to add Trish's work to my gift wish list! :)

That would be all from this melting blogger girl :)
Stay tuned! xoxo

Monday, August 22, 2011

Annoying Word Verification

Is there anything more annoying from word verification ???
No. Let me answer that. There is!
When you by mistake type wrong letter, and then have to do it all over again!
Oh, how annoying is that? Agree with me?

So here is simple instructions on how to kill, oh pardon me turn off (that is better said) word verification.

Here it goes.

*First go to settings

*Than comments
* Somewhere in the middle of the page you will see:

*Select NO,and it's done! :)

Easy! Is in it ? :)
So my dear bloggers, blog lovers SHARE this info like virus via blog posts, facebook, twitter, email, text it, gossip about it...etc. But just turn it off! :)


Friday, August 19, 2011

Gal can never have too much shoes!

 Well this is a sentence that describes me perfectly :) but also one big truth! 
Summer is ,unfortunately, passing by, and with it the summer shoes  will soon be gone on a long vacation. :(
But until that time comes let's consider the case from the bright side! :) How? Well, It's like perfect moment for  shoe shopping! :D Yay!
 So I made list of shoes that I really like (someone maybe even buy) What? I didn't say anything! ;))

JULIET! KG by Kurt Geiger
 How gorgeous name for shoes? Agree with me? :) 
Well these are MY absolutely faves! And you can find them, beside purple, in black and taupe color. But purple is my favorite! I absolutely adore them! They are definitely in category absolutely must have!

Qupid Bikini 153 Red Velvet Color Block Peep Toe Wedges LuLu's
Well, that is quite long name for such fabulous shoes, if you ask me!
 I absolutely love the design, color scheme...well everything about them. So chic and fashionable! With this shoes every outfit becomes chic! And let me say just one thing about this fabulous shoes, I especially LOVE their price :))) Yup. LOVE! :) hahaha

Qupid Naima 08 Cognac Burnish Chunky Heels LuLu's 
This is a cheaper version of Juliet. But to be clear, totally fabulous version. And I'm totally liking this braun color.

 Esmeralda KG by Kurt Geiger
Another cool name for shoes! :)  This Kurt Geiger really knows to named shoes. Oh, yes and to design them too :D LOL Do I really need to say why I like these shoes? :) No. I don't think so. I will tell you can find  them in other colors! But this are my favorites. 

So tell me what's your favorite?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Life Before You

,Photobucket   13. August 2009. was just one ordinary day for human kind but it was great day for my family and me. That beautiful day one little white puppy was born. My puppy :)) And on Saturday he turned two. Time flies like crazy fast when every day is new adventure, and with him (plus help of his friends one dog + three cats) it always is :) All you who have pets understand that special love. You who don't have pets...well you are missing a lot. Thinking about him, my life, and all ... Well.... There are some things that need to be said. Like...

Dear Snoopy,

We  started choosing your name long before you were born. But that day when I, for the first time, saw your fluffy face, I look at you and said "Snoopy". So from that day you became my Snoopy, and I  yours Charlie Brown. I can't really remember my life before you ...It was probably peaceful and calm  boring.  Because before you I didn't know that one dog can look at someone (in this case me) like he is kid, and ask for so much love and attention. Before you, I didn't know that dogs can cuddle so much. Like, all the time. You know...sometimes that can be annoying :) blink,blink. Before you, I didn't know that dogs can eat apples, plums, walnuts, hazelnuts, but that thing that really surprised me was You loving so, so much chocolate (and let me say i'm really sorry that You can't eat it) and coffee :) So cute! Before you, I never know that so big dog can underline under the car! How you do that? Before I never know that dogs a.k.a. you can love so much snow, winter and cold weather. You are so cute when you play with snow. Because of you, I can't wait winter...and we know I'm not lover of cold weather. But with has some charm :) Before you i didn't know that dog can be so afraid of  storm and lightning. I know you are really scared, but sometimes you look so funny :D I got to LMAO! And just that you know our living room isn't the best hiding place. Full of electronics...Just so you know. And let me say  you one thing, I don't believe that any  dog  barks at their owners when they don't cuddle them! Really, I think you are the ONLY one! 
  See before you, I was one big ignorant! But you change all that... I LOVE you so much....
 And OF COURSE thank you for reminding me, when I'm feeling down, that my life isn't about me! It's about you! :) 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music In My Ears

 A long time has passed since last #MusicMonday post and today it seemed like perfect moment to do it again. :)
See in my head is creative mass... I started writing three new posts, arrived to half of each, and stopped. Lack of inspiration or too many different ideas...or maybe little bit lazy... Who would know. But you will read some great post this week :)) Until that... I am sharing.... Right this moment... 

In my ears is playing lovely Adele... I'm drinking Coca-Cola...And singing loud :) (there is little bit of that crazy behavior described in playlist post :) ) I'm loving this song so much!

Hope you will enjoy in song so much as I am :))
And if anyone notice missing My Weekend post, I must say I was having to much fun to take photos. But in short: I went fishing for the first time (it's not for me. i talk too much. or better said i do not know to keep quiet :D LOL). BBQ with friend (good food. lots of laugh) Watch Flashdance (and really enjoy watching). Text  a lot. Celebrated the second birthday of my puppy  :)) etc. :)

Stay tuned! xoxo

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Something sweet

Let me sweeten your day :)
I find this recipe for Chocolate Cake on Emma's blog FOOD COMA. And only knowing that chocolate is present was enough to make me wanna try to make it :) And I did!
(What? This girl knows to cook?)
Well let me tell you one thing about me :) There are not words enough to describe how much I love to eat :D
Did you read/watch Eat, Pray, Love? Well if you did. You know that part when she is in Italy and she is smelling food she is eating, and going like ''mmmmm.....Yummmy....ah....oh.."  Well I'm like that...everyday :)

Now, when that is clear lets get back to this delicious treat :)
Few words. It's chocolate. It's easy to make (like everyone can make it). And it's delicious :)

 You need:
butter, to grease pan
225 g / 8 ounces  70% chocolate, well chopped
225 g / 8 ounces heavy cream (RS ja sam koristila mileram ;)) )
(optional) little bit cappuccino vanilla

  • Chopped chocolate melt in a glass bowl set over a pot of boiling water (or a double boiler
  • Once melted remove from heat, and add cream & cappuccino . Than steadily stir until everything comes together smoothly.
  • Pour into previously prepared mini loaf pan lined with parchment (or wax) paper
  • Cover and freeze for 3-5 hours, or overnight.
  • When ready to serve, remove from the pan, let set at room temperature for ten minutes or so, and slice. 
  I added this 'fruit part'  because it just seemed like perfect flavor with chocolate, and at the end it was. You absolutely have to mix it! 
  • put fruit (what ever you like, i use raspberries.quantity: about 100-150g) in a bowl and heated 
  • add sugar (quantity depends on trying taste it easyest way to...) and stirring
  •  heat until the excess water (fruit juice) is removed, and the mass becomes denser (about 5 min. depends of fruit you us)
  • serve cold over cake 
If  something is unclear (my culinary vocabulary is a bit confusing) look over to Emma's blog or to Heidi's blog who is author of the original recipe to clarify my mess :) 
One thing is certain you must try it! And be sweethearts and share with me pic of your cakes (twitter or email)

Enjoy in weekend! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I'm Wearing

Finally outfit post :)))
   So from 'story of a dress' to 'run away from the city' . 
I must say big THANK YOU to my sis for being so patient with me (or better said my uncontrollable laughter :D, disobedient hair, goofy face expression..etc.) for all ideas for shooting (if it wasn't for her you be looking right now to some pretty boring pics) taking photos...well for everything!

  I am not saying this only because she is my sister but she did magnificent job! Photos look so fashion/arty.  I look like a model (and i'm far away from one). Like in fashion magazines :)))) (But without photoshope) Well she is not yet Misa Obradovic, but who knows, one day maybe... I must say I never have better twitter icon and background  and all that thanks to this photo shooting :)) Sis you are the best! 

And why 'story of a dress'? Let me first ask you. Do you like my dress? Be honest!
Well dress is made by ME :))) blink, blink. 
And before that I had never sat at a sewing machine :) That happened when I saw the cutest dress that I fell in love, and then I saw the price... And so one new adventure began. :)

Hope you like it :)

So :) Do I need to do more what i'm wearing posts?
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

fabulous orange

  How gorgeous Blake Lively looks in this totally fabulous orange Gucci dress?
If you ask me this is clean perfection! 
  Orange is perfect summer color! But i have the impression on that designers forgot about her this summer. I didn't see any cute outfit in orange. Did you?
  Well Blake did. :)) Good job girl!
I love this outfit! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Weekend

Hello :)
Hope you all have awesome weekend! I did :))
But now I am so tired...uf...
Photo shooting, foam party, family lunch, b`day party....all in all sleep is only thing that I miss :D

Photo shooting?! Yes! You read it well :) I decided to do 'what i'm wearing' post. And now i can say that this is something that i will not do so often :D LOL Don't get me wrong I have so much fun, and i literally LMAO! But it is so much hard work. Now I know that being model is not that easy how it looks like. But all hard work paid off. Photos are totally awesome. You will see them in one of next posts. So stay tuned :)))

Foam party! good is that party!
If you have never been at one I absolutely recommend you to go! :)
And not just to watch! No, no! (well that was our plan too) You have to get wet :P
I can't describe how much fun we had.  Hope photos can :0 (and just that you know this (photos) was on at the beginning when we were still holding on to plan 'just watching/not get wet' :D )
BTW songs from my playlist were played  ;)

That's all from me (i'm so sleepy that keeping my eyes open becomes hard work  :D  And just that you know it's 21:13/ 9:13PM)
Stay tuned, xoxo
-(sleepy) S

Friday, August 5, 2011


DFP (or Dance Floor Playlist)
You know that moment when some good song starts to play, and you are alone in your room/home, and you start to move little bit...then more...and more.... And from nowhere you are suddenly jumping and dancing like you are in RANDY JACKSON AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW show... Hahahah....

What? You don't do that?
O no,no... I don't believe you!
Let me just remind you that lying is a sin! In every religion!
And if you are not religious... Well.... I'm not glad to do it....But I will tell you your mother! :D LOL
OK, that was my crazy moment :P Blink, blink :))

My first playlist post! :) Yay!
Hope you like it! :) Play it loud and shake that booty :D

Maroon 5 featuring Christina AguileraMoves Like Jagger 
Enrique Iglesias, Usher - Dirty Dancer ft. Lil Wayne
Example 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me'

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Starlight
Roy Davis Jr Featuring J Noize & Kaye Fox - Enjoy The Ride

Enjoy in weekend! Love,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lovely Blog Awards

What started like usual Saturday turned to be jolly award day!
And my thoughts, when I found out, were like this....
What? I am getting award for my blogging?! Woo Hoo :))) (and thought that follow this sound were "someone is actually reading this? and liking this?" )  I could not belive my eyes!

 And all that thanks to lovely lady from PINK CLOUDS blog!
Thank you so much. :))) I am so privileged!

I must say I think this is perfect way to get to know something about people who write blog, as well as get to know some new blogs. Blogging and reading blog i learn that in this world there are so many creative, smart, fanny, in one word FABULOUS people who you can meet. And enjoy in their creativity no matter in which part of world you live, just by clicking on button (or better said following their blogs ;) )

Award Rules:
1. Thank the person that gave you the award, and link back to them.
2. Post seven things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions listed below
4. Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
5. Let them know they received an award.

Seven Thing About Me (random)
#1 My favorite subject in school was math! (Still is! )
#2 I am 175 cm /5'9'' , and my shoe size is 38 EUR/7 US/5 UK
#3 Chocolate, book, mug and shoes are my favorite presents! 
#4 I would like to open boutique someday, to travel all over the world and learn to speak many more language!
#5 I adore chocolate! 
#6 It annoys me when word verification pops up when I  comment  post on someone's blog! Really, really annoying! #JustSaying
#7 I love to dance and sing!

Name your favorite color: 
Hm.... I don't have favorite color. But I like blue.
Name your favorite song:
Music is important part of my life, but I don't have favorite song. It changes from time to time. 
Name your favorite dessert:
Cheesecake #Yummy
What is pissing you off?
Rude people!
When you’re upset, you?
Scream... It's fusion of emotion... So when I am upset.... RUN! :D 
Your favorite pet:
I have 5 pets! 2 dogs and 3 cats! And I can imagine my life without them! They make my life better! 
Black or White?
White! But black is black!
Your biggest fear?
Death. From that one comes all other mine fears.
My best feature is:
Smile :) Blink, blink :)
Everyday attitude:
Enjoy in little things!
What is perfection:
Really don't know. But my first association is smile from my loved ones!
Guilty pleasure:
Everything that is "to much" 

And FABULOUS  bloggers that I am give this awards are:

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Weekend

 So I hope you enjoyed the weekend. I did :)
And here are some photos as proof :D LOL
Happy Monday working people! And let August begin :))
Until next time,

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