Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Life Before You

,Photobucket   13. August 2009. was just one ordinary day for human kind but it was great day for my family and me. That beautiful day one little white puppy was born. My puppy :)) And on Saturday he turned two. Time flies like crazy fast when every day is new adventure, and with him (plus help of his friends one dog + three cats) it always is :) All you who have pets understand that special love. You who don't have pets...well you are missing a lot. Thinking about him, my life, and all ... Well.... There are some things that need to be said. Like...

Dear Snoopy,

We  started choosing your name long before you were born. But that day when I, for the first time, saw your fluffy face, I look at you and said "Snoopy". So from that day you became my Snoopy, and I  yours Charlie Brown. I can't really remember my life before you ...It was probably peaceful and calm  boring.  Because before you I didn't know that one dog can look at someone (in this case me) like he is kid, and ask for so much love and attention. Before you, I didn't know that dogs can cuddle so much. Like, all the time. You know...sometimes that can be annoying :) blink,blink. Before you, I didn't know that dogs can eat apples, plums, walnuts, hazelnuts, but that thing that really surprised me was You loving so, so much chocolate (and let me say i'm really sorry that You can't eat it) and coffee :) So cute! Before you, I never know that so big dog can underline under the car! How you do that? Before I never know that dogs a.k.a. you can love so much snow, winter and cold weather. You are so cute when you play with snow. Because of you, I can't wait winter...and we know I'm not lover of cold weather. But with has some charm :) Before you i didn't know that dog can be so afraid of  storm and lightning. I know you are really scared, but sometimes you look so funny :D I got to LMAO! And just that you know our living room isn't the best hiding place. Full of electronics...Just so you know. And let me say  you one thing, I don't believe that any  dog  barks at their owners when they don't cuddle them! Really, I think you are the ONLY one! 
  See before you, I was one big ignorant! But you change all that... I LOVE you so much....
 And OF COURSE thank you for reminding me, when I'm feeling down, that my life isn't about me! It's about you! :) 


  1. Seronja maliii:)

  2. Awhhh he is so big now! So adorable! Long life to him! :D

    Missing Amsie Blog

  3. Thank you so for your lovely comment :)

    This post is so gorgeous,dogs are so special and are family,just like a bro or sis!
    Your dog is beautiful.

    Hope your having a fab day x

  4. Aw, thank you so much! :)
    So lovely from all of you :) <3

    @Anonimus SIC! :P


  5. awww, sooo cute! <3

    Costin M.

  6. He looks so cute! And so big!!!
    hey, you've changed a bit your blog=)

  7. And he is one big sweetheart! :)
    yes i did :) Good eye! I like to change thing from time to time :) Hope you like it :)



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