Monday, August 8, 2011

My Weekend

Hello :)
Hope you all have awesome weekend! I did :))
But now I am so tired...uf...
Photo shooting, foam party, family lunch, b`day party....all in all sleep is only thing that I miss :D

Photo shooting?! Yes! You read it well :) I decided to do 'what i'm wearing' post. And now i can say that this is something that i will not do so often :D LOL Don't get me wrong I have so much fun, and i literally LMAO! But it is so much hard work. Now I know that being model is not that easy how it looks like. But all hard work paid off. Photos are totally awesome. You will see them in one of next posts. So stay tuned :)))

Foam party! good is that party!
If you have never been at one I absolutely recommend you to go! :)
And not just to watch! No, no! (well that was our plan too) You have to get wet :P
I can't describe how much fun we had.  Hope photos can :0 (and just that you know this (photos) was on at the beginning when we were still holding on to plan 'just watching/not get wet' :D )
BTW songs from my playlist were played  ;)

That's all from me (i'm so sleepy that keeping my eyes open becomes hard work  :D  And just that you know it's 21:13/ 9:13PM)
Stay tuned, xoxo
-(sleepy) S


  1. Can't wait to see the what-I-am-wearing post!

  2. i love these 'weekend photos' post that you do..
    waiting for ur outfit post :)

  3. Awwww :) Thanks Nelly :)

    Soon you will see :)



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