Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lovely Blog Awards

What started like usual Saturday turned to be jolly award day!
And my thoughts, when I found out, were like this....
What? I am getting award for my blogging?! Woo Hoo :))) (and thought that follow this sound were "someone is actually reading this? and liking this?" )  I could not belive my eyes!

 And all that thanks to lovely lady from PINK CLOUDS blog!
Thank you so much. :))) I am so privileged!

I must say I think this is perfect way to get to know something about people who write blog, as well as get to know some new blogs. Blogging and reading blog i learn that in this world there are so many creative, smart, fanny, in one word FABULOUS people who you can meet. And enjoy in their creativity no matter in which part of world you live, just by clicking on button (or better said following their blogs ;) )

Award Rules:
1. Thank the person that gave you the award, and link back to them.
2. Post seven things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions listed below
4. Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
5. Let them know they received an award.

Seven Thing About Me (random)
#1 My favorite subject in school was math! (Still is! )
#2 I am 175 cm /5'9'' , and my shoe size is 38 EUR/7 US/5 UK
#3 Chocolate, book, mug and shoes are my favorite presents! 
#4 I would like to open boutique someday, to travel all over the world and learn to speak many more language!
#5 I adore chocolate! 
#6 It annoys me when word verification pops up when I  comment  post on someone's blog! Really, really annoying! #JustSaying
#7 I love to dance and sing!

Name your favorite color: 
Hm.... I don't have favorite color. But I like blue.
Name your favorite song:
Music is important part of my life, but I don't have favorite song. It changes from time to time. 
Name your favorite dessert:
Cheesecake #Yummy
What is pissing you off?
Rude people!
When you’re upset, you?
Scream... It's fusion of emotion... So when I am upset.... RUN! :D 
Your favorite pet:
I have 5 pets! 2 dogs and 3 cats! And I can imagine my life without them! They make my life better! 
Black or White?
White! But black is black!
Your biggest fear?
Death. From that one comes all other mine fears.
My best feature is:
Smile :) Blink, blink :)
Everyday attitude:
Enjoy in little things!
What is perfection:
Really don't know. But my first association is smile from my loved ones!
Guilty pleasure:
Everything that is "to much" 

And FABULOUS  bloggers that I am give this awards are:


  1. Congrats honey on your awards!!!Thanks for passing it to me, I will do my best to deserve it!Such a great honor!

  2. Enjoy the little things = best advice ever :)

  3. thanks for the awards :) i really appreciate the love <3


  4. Congrats on your award!! And Thank You for passing the love back to me =)


  5. :-D
    The word verification annoys me too!!

  6. Thank you for the awards. I am honoured, hon! ♥ Good that I don't have the word verification on my blog. :P

  7. Congrats dear!
    Great blog, so inspiring!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  8. Thank you for the awards, I'm really flattered and I really appreciate the love <3

  9. Thanks for the awards =) I'm really flattered =)


  10. Oh, thank you so much!!! My day started awfully: my Internet provider couldn't fix the connection, but finally they've managed to do it. And then I saw this! I have no words that can express how grateful and happy I am!

    Sooooo many kisses XOXO

  11. Oh thank you so much! To all of you!
    From so much lovely comments and love I'm going to melt :)) lol


  12. BTW Yes word verification really annoys me :D
    But it not stops me! Ha! :)

  13. I love your blog :D
    I am following you! Take a look at my blog and, if you want, follow me too :D


  14. Thank you so muuch! Now we don´t have enought time, just say that today I'm moderating last-week comments... but as soon as we can we'd do something [as a celebration :)]
    These prices give us strengh and support to keep on blogging!
    Oh, and congratulations to your price too ;)

  15. congratulations on ur awards! u truly deserve it! thank you so much for passing them on to me.. it always makes me happy that people think my blog deserves an award...

    i hate word verifications too.. it annoys the hell outta me..
    i dunno how you do math.. i can hardly do double digit addition and subtraction, if you wanna get rid of me, give me an equation.
    i hope one day you realize ur dream of opening ur own boutique and travelling the world!

  16. Thank you so much! :)

    @Nelly ah that is so sweet! You made my day! Thank you! and math..ah lol. Did I tall you i understand chemistry? :D



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