Thursday, August 25, 2011


My dear blog readers.... I'm melting!
It's so hot... That my mind refuses to work.... And I don't blame him!
With these hot I'm in climax... And just that you know  i am not :D LOL
Oh, even laughing is hard work now...

I started writing some new posts, but i didn't finish them, and I try... but i can't make myself... So i decided to share some very interesting posts that I read today. So go check it out!

First there is Izy and her blog post crossroads.

After reading this post I got the impression that the world is one big playground! That you never know what will happen next, and some roads you just need to take. Very inspiring post! And photos... WOW! Absolutely amazing!

Second is Elsie  with hers 3 Easy Infused Water Recipes post.

Well that one i don't need to explain. Do I? :) haha
But I will tell you it's so refreshing!

And for the end some (in my interpretation) food for soul.. For all of you art lovers Yulia did one amazing post  Inspiration of the Week. Trish Biddle: Glamorous Women in Fabulous Places . 
Let me tell you just that I am totally overwhelmed with these post!
This picture is one of my favorites. And my dear friend (ye i am talking to you guys) feel free to add Trish's work to my gift wish list! :)

That would be all from this melting blogger girl :)
Stay tuned! xoxo


  1. I like your post, S... :)
    It really is damn hot...
    Nice idea for a post, I like it!


  2. wow thanks for featuring me :) I'm glad you enjoyed my photos and I think l life is definitely one big playground to be explored xx

  3. Those are amazing posts!
    Good luck with the heat melting girl XD

  4. i can't wait for fall to settle in, and the temperature to drop a bit, because i can't take the summer anymore. :)
    very cool post!

    Costin M.

  5. Thank you :)))
    @NYqueen ah tell mi about it! :)

    @Izy you are welcome :) i really do! glad u are here! :) xo

    @Yulia i will need it :D lol

    @Costin i know what you mean. and right now i totally understand u! ;)


  6. Wow, infused water!? Sounds delicious!

    xx Cristina


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