Friday, August 19, 2011

Gal can never have too much shoes!

 Well this is a sentence that describes me perfectly :) but also one big truth! 
Summer is ,unfortunately, passing by, and with it the summer shoes  will soon be gone on a long vacation. :(
But until that time comes let's consider the case from the bright side! :) How? Well, It's like perfect moment for  shoe shopping! :D Yay!
 So I made list of shoes that I really like (someone maybe even buy) What? I didn't say anything! ;))

JULIET! KG by Kurt Geiger
 How gorgeous name for shoes? Agree with me? :) 
Well these are MY absolutely faves! And you can find them, beside purple, in black and taupe color. But purple is my favorite! I absolutely adore them! They are definitely in category absolutely must have!

Qupid Bikini 153 Red Velvet Color Block Peep Toe Wedges LuLu's
Well, that is quite long name for such fabulous shoes, if you ask me!
 I absolutely love the design, color scheme...well everything about them. So chic and fashionable! With this shoes every outfit becomes chic! And let me say just one thing about this fabulous shoes, I especially LOVE their price :))) Yup. LOVE! :) hahaha

Qupid Naima 08 Cognac Burnish Chunky Heels LuLu's 
This is a cheaper version of Juliet. But to be clear, totally fabulous version. And I'm totally liking this braun color.

 Esmeralda KG by Kurt Geiger
Another cool name for shoes! :)  This Kurt Geiger really knows to named shoes. Oh, yes and to design them too :D LOL Do I really need to say why I like these shoes? :) No. I don't think so. I will tell you can find  them in other colors! But this are my favorites. 

So tell me what's your favorite?


  1. Hi Thanks for visiting and your nice coment!

    Your blog is fantastic!!

    Really great!!

    I follow you!!



    Adrien Loren

  2. I love all shoes - amazing <3

  3. the purple shoes and the brown shoes are my favorite! they are just fabulous!

  4. Thanks for commenting :)
    @Adrien aw, thank you :)


  5. Completely agree with the title of this post!

  6. awesome choices, these shoes look so amazing! :)

    Costin M.

  7. thank you so much on commenting :) interesting choice guys! :)

    @ stevie leigh :)) you can quote me! ;)hahah glade you like it! xo

  8. The orange heels are amazing!

  9. i love the bright colors of the last pair--though since i'm so tall, if i wore them i might actually be a giant.

  10. Completely agree! No one can never have too many shoes! Guy or girl.. Loving all of these by the way..

    Love! ~Angel

  11. OMG! I will never put those on)) Just because I don't wear heels at all hehe=))) But the brown ones are wonderful!

  12. Thanks on so much lovely comments!

    @Mag i hear you sister! seam problem here! : :D

    @Yulia what? what? what?
    btw check your mail! ;)


  13. Its so so sooo true ;)
    I loved JULIET :):)
    Im already looking for shoes/sandals for next summer.. hehe :)


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