Tuesday, July 24, 2012

boys will be boys

maybe i will never completely understand boys.
and maybe they will never completely understand me.
but i will always have a shoes.
yes. my good kind friends. my shoes.

because boys will always be boys.


i love this song.

but is it strange that when i was in spain only boys wanted to be my friends?
girls just didn't like me.
is it strange? is it?

well... shoes are shoes. and this one from seychelles footwear are amazing.
first i was thinking in orange, but later nude was so much better choice.

so my dear boys,
you can be boys all the way, i have my shoes.

Monday, July 23, 2012

girl and her toy

one of these days when you just take camera and start taking photos.
and i didn't do it for so long. seems like since i returned from spain.
strange, isn't it?
well now i'm back.and i love it. i just love it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012


if i could do one thing in my life right now it would definitely be to travel.

i am so craving for new places, new people, new language.. i think i even crave for those tears when i start missing home. it's like my suitcase (new. blue. perfect little one too small for all my things. bought in spain few months ago) is itching me..

oh i so need to start move. to change something.
 yes, i need change!

if i could... if i was super rich girl .. (oh girl can dream).. if ..
i would pack my bags and go..
work by day (until 3 p.m.) and then enjoy.
first i would go to france. drink vine, eat cheese, and wear headbands and big glasses all the time (like franch woman from movies). i'm craving for nice. i was there few years ago, totally blown away with the beauty.
i would spend every day at the beach, and every night walking around the town.

then greece. my lovely greece.
to  mykonos. to party every night. be on the beach everyday. to eat gyros all the time!and just enjoy in the greek sense on beauty. ah..how i miss greece.

and than in septembar istanbul.
lovely. magical istanbul! i am obsessed with him for a while (or should i say for a years).
i need to go and see that mistiry place. feel that sadness (like o.pamuk is describing) and that happiness (like i'm imagining)
to sit at coffee shop near bosphorus, drink tea, feel wind in my hair, with book in my hands..to feel istanbul! ah, perfection!

if i could i would travel.

Monday, July 16, 2012


i came to strange and painful  conclusion ..
i have 27 years and absolutely nothing.
how is that possible?

i was good student. i finish college, i'm good person...and i thought at 27 i will be..
but yet i'm not.

first to be clear. what is nothing? 
well when i say nothing i mean i don't have real job, i'm not married or engaged or in love, and in some crazy confusion i don't know what i really want to do with my life. to work as this or that or...
aw..so so confusing.

how did i get here?
well i don't really know.. i just know that my two last projects (and i am speaking about work) led me to this feeling. when you work hard, and hope for the best, and then because some other people all falls apart you can't stop feeling angry, and sad, and confused.. 

so all this is because job. 

and what about love?
i'm not saying i don't miss that man, my man. but my love life was always a little bit lonely.. sad? maybe it is. i was always the girl all boys wanted (and not to brag but they still do) the problem was i don't want them. i believe in magic, in chemistry, in romance, in fairies and butterflies... but most in all that it's better to be alone than to be with anyone.
i hope, i know i will met him one day. and when i see him i'll just know. 
and like all things in life it will happened at some point, at some time. and i know i have to work on myself to be the thing i want to be before being his.

and after strange pain in my chest, and some deep sadness, and after letting myself pout for a while, i came to conclusion like i always do. start all over. again. from the start. 

i confess. it's little bit tiring, and overwhelming. but at the end that is life.

take a deep breath and wish for the best. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

girl vs. world + music

sometimes i just feel i am not cut out for this world.
it's just too cruel. too brutal.
and being a good person means being weak.
so how, tell me how to be a good person in this cruel world?

what all this blabbing has to do with the song?
i just like it. its on repeat.

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