Thursday, July 19, 2012


if i could do one thing in my life right now it would definitely be to travel.

i am so craving for new places, new people, new language.. i think i even crave for those tears when i start missing home. it's like my suitcase (new. blue. perfect little one too small for all my things. bought in spain few months ago) is itching me..

oh i so need to start move. to change something.
 yes, i need change!

if i could... if i was super rich girl .. (oh girl can dream).. if ..
i would pack my bags and go..
work by day (until 3 p.m.) and then enjoy.
first i would go to france. drink vine, eat cheese, and wear headbands and big glasses all the time (like franch woman from movies). i'm craving for nice. i was there few years ago, totally blown away with the beauty.
i would spend every day at the beach, and every night walking around the town.

then greece. my lovely greece.
to  mykonos. to party every night. be on the beach everyday. to eat gyros all the time!and just enjoy in the greek sense on beauty. i miss greece.

and than in septembar istanbul.
lovely. magical istanbul! i am obsessed with him for a while (or should i say for a years).
i need to go and see that mistiry place. feel that sadness (like o.pamuk is describing) and that happiness (like i'm imagining)
to sit at coffee shop near bosphorus, drink tea, feel wind in my hair, with book in my feel istanbul! ah, perfection!

if i could i would travel.

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