Tuesday, July 24, 2012

boys will be boys

maybe i will never completely understand boys.
and maybe they will never completely understand me.
but i will always have a shoes.
yes. my good kind friends. my shoes.

because boys will always be boys.


i love this song.

but is it strange that when i was in spain only boys wanted to be my friends?
girls just didn't like me.
is it strange? is it?

well... shoes are shoes. and this one from seychelles footwear are amazing.
first i was thinking in orange, but later nude was so much better choice.

so my dear boys,
you can be boys all the way, i have my shoes.


  1. Oh, those wedges are really cool, love the look.

  2. Heheheh, the same thing happens to me. I just don't get along with Spanish girls. I have no idea why but this is the thing. Guys, yes. No problem. Always pleasant, will help if I get lost or need to find something. But girls... To tell the truth, sometimes they were looking even in a hostile way. May be I just imagine too much but I got this feeling=)
    How are you, hon?

    1. exactly! i don't know what is their problem.
      the bad side, is that even girls form other countries that i met (france, belgium) didn't like me.. boys did.. :D silly!

      oh hun i'm fine. living. you know.. :) and you?
      big kiss!

    2. Just watching the Olympics=) It's so hot here, I'm dying!!! Been to Spain recently and already miss it so much!!!


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