Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Me, 'Stupid' Movie', and Gorgeous Edward

In my part of hemisphere it's cold... It rains... Seems like it's September and not July. So I am drinking coffee.... Looking through my window that London weather....But  far, far away from London... Music playing.... and I have some thoughts that I MUST share with you. :))) Absolutely must!
I saw this movie... Pay attention!

Chalet Girl (and I am saying this with perfect British accent!)
Ii's....It's.... so stupid! :D
Probably the most stupid movie that I watched in a long, long time!
So stupid that i watched it twice! Yes, I said twice! :D


Let me be more clear :) It's good kind of stupid movie! The story of movie is simply and... well let say this.. British making "american"  romantic comedy! Yeah...  If you are looking for movie easy to watch, and just to relax, have some fun... It's PERFECT! And you MUST watch it!

Scenes and landscape are so beautiful... It's lovely to watch!
Watching it I wish it would snow! And how crazy is that? I`m bitching all winter about cold, snow, and now in  summer I am thinking how snow is nice! :D Ah....

And lets not forget gorgeous ED WESTWICK! Blink-blink :))) With his gorgeous British accent! Aww....He is so hot! (Saying this also with perfect British accent! :D ) And if you are fan of Gossip Girl this is perfect chance to hear him speak with British accent! And let me just say this...
  Dear Ed :)) (blink blink),
You look so....HOT!
And just that you know.... I`m waiting for you!
I'll even forgive you that you are just 175 cm ( 5' 9"),
 and that I (ultimately high heel shoe lover) would have to wear flat shoes 
when I am with you. 
 Yes, everyting for you babe!
See how awesome I am?! Blink, blink :))
With all MY love,

Now when that is said :) Enjoy Tuesday!
And if any of you will be watching movie, PLEAS let me know your opinion! 
Stay tuned & cool! xoxo


  1. LOL! So funny!

  2. Ma koji je taj? Big like for ultimately high heel shoe lover:) Zvezda

  3. Ovaj blog je stvarno ali stvarno fantastican!

  4. That's so cool!!!

  5. mmmmm ed westwick :) i met him once here in nyc and took a pic with him. he was wearing these darling maroon velvet pants. even hotter in person :)

    jewelry giveaway!

  6. Thank you girls! Especially to Star :)

    @ Tessa I ENVY you so much at this moment that i can't even describe it! :) LOL Lucky you girl!
    Thanks for stopping by! I will check out that giveaway :)


  7. Of course we can follow each other, I start, wait for you to do the same!Thank you for your sweet comment!!
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!


  8. Thank you for commenting on my blog. ^^


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