Thursday, July 14, 2011

I LOVE him! :) Hugh Laurie

 Many (OK! That is lie! Few of them actually!) my friends know how much i love Hugh Laurie! And if any of you have that bad luck to find my blog and read it (your poor souls!) you know it too! :))
And lets be clear on one thing. I am NOT a stocker! And am not that much obsessed with him ... (ok i`m feeling lie somewhere here...)  And i know he is just a actor who plays HOUSE But men he does it so well! 
 He is like perfect model for how older guys (Guys? No! That does not sound right. MEN! Yes! That is word i`m looking for!) MEN can be attractive!

He looks good in a suit!
(and so sexy! if I can add)
He looks good in  casual combination!
He looks good in black!
He even looks good with geeky glasses!
(And if you ask me that is hard work! ) ;)
He looks good even with goofy face!

And now he is looking more charming than ever in commercial! 
Natural, charming, with his so sexy English accent.... Do i need to say anything more?

And how not to love him?! :)) LOL

Stay cool & stay tuned! Love,


  1. I love his show and I love him! He's so handsome for an older man!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. You are welcome :) Thank you!

    And FINALLY someone agrees with me! :D LOL
    btw House rocks! :)


  3. I totally agree with you: he's an amazing actor. Although Jeeves and Wooster bored me a bit, I can't help admitting how well he was there. And how amazing he talked with American accent... Man, he's cool!

  4. That's what I am talking about all this time! :))
    Yulia you rock! ;)


  5. Heheh, thanks)) One more follower ;-)

  6. You should read his interview to GQ =) He's such a House-like there=)

  7. Yeah :)
    I absolutely must! What month?


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