Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pure skin

  I think at this hot weather (when we are sweating all the time) every advice about skin care (or better said how to clean our skin after all that sweat and dirt) is gold worth! So I have for you one advice or better said product (of course tested on me) with who I am thoroughly amazed!
 Ladies (and gentleman  of course ;) ) I have just few words for you...
essence pure skin anti-spot T-zone mask!
In just 15 minutes you get beautiful and ( this is where I am putting accent) pure skin like after facial treatment Yes, I said 15 minutes! Yes, at your home! And how awesome is that??
I use essence cosmetics and I am very satisfied with it but their cleanin' products are something new for me. So I did little research and found out that essence has whole line of products for cleanin` skin. And after knowing this i cant remember better reason to spend my money. I'll give back to you info about effects!
 O yes, I totally forgot. Did I mention that they are cheap? Good & cheap! Do I need to say anything more?
For more info about essence products visit their site ! 

And if someone who works in essence will read this I must say that i would not mind to receive a basket of products for all this kind words. :D LOL  (Well, girl has to try ;) )

Stay cool & tuned :)


  1. I love essence nail polish and they have so many other cute products, but thi sis the first time I am seeing their skincare :) Thank you for this review, I am just hoping one day that The local stores here starts stocking up on more Essence items..
    I really hope they give you a basket of goodies for this great review :) after all,I am willing to try out their stuff after reading it :)
    Hope you visit my blog soon, follow if u like, i'll always follow back :)

  2. Thank you so much on such lovely comment! :)
    I love there nail polisher too! But you must try glossy lip balm it`s AWESOME!

    HAHAH I`M GLAD SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME! So dear people from essence I`m waiting! ;)

    Will do! You seem like very cool chick so i`m def. following you! :)



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