Thursday, July 28, 2011

Absolutely MUST!!!

 There are some things that are (in my head) categorized under absolutely MUST!

 These Donna Karan New York shoes are absolutely MUST HAVE!
They are perfect summer shoes that can make every outfit fabulous!  I absolutely adore them!

  And one more thing among all the other wonderful stuff that are coming from Donna Karan, is her PR girl known as DKNY PR GIRL! 
You absolutely MUST VISIT/ CHECK OUT/ GET TO KNOW this girl and her PR fashion world on hers blog/tumblr. It's perfect way to get a little part of NYC spirit, life of one fashion PR girl, lots of PR advice,and all glam and glitter of fashion world. Place where you can read sometimes something smart, sometimes something funny, but always something interesting! And to see lots of beautiful pics! So click HERE

 You absolutely MUST ENJOY in heat of sun!
I know everybody is talking about have is bad for our skin, but this few rainy days reminded me how summer is slowly passing by, and that i need to enjoy in every sunny day, so my batteries will capture enough sun That I can survive the winter. So get sunblock cream, and enjoy!

And just one more thing :) You absolutely MUST read my blog! Blink, blink :)))

You know....COOL, TUNED, SMILEY :)))
See ya! xoxo


  1. That shoes are smashing!

  2. Nice post =)

  3. Those shoes are ah-mazing! :)
    btw Im a new follower, I like your blog so much! :)

  4. I totally agree :)
    Thank you :) Hope you enjoy my blogging :)
    blink, blink :)



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