Sunday, July 3, 2011

Impossible is nothing!

Everything is possible! Let that be a thought of today!
Specially people can do it all! And i want to introduce you with not one, but two very special and inspiring persons. 
Milica Đokić i Nenad Mahmutović are this years  winners of Serbian version "I have talent" , their talent is dancing. So why are this young people so special you ask your self...
 They are deaf. And now you are asking your self "But how can they dance??" 
They have 75 %  hearing loss, but they can feel the rhythm through the "special vibration, because they hear the bass, and other steps they count" 
Here is the video of  their performance on the show. The introductions  is on Serbian, but if you push play button at 2:00 minute you will see how they dance!

And how inspiring is that?! 
Yeah, impossible is nothing! Remember that!
xoxo S

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