Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh Shoes...

 Yesterday was chill out day!
My sister and me! Summer! Ice cream! Shopping!
All day fun!
I Have to say WE love dm stores! :)) 
We spent several hours in it. So many great products in one place!
So awesome!
At some point we finally left dm store with lot of bags :)
But shopping continued....
And will shopping I saw them...

Perfect, very high heel shoes!!!!
I am in love! :)))
Off course I had to try them!
And they are PERFECT! Color! Heel! Like! Like! Like! :)
But with mine 175cm (5'8'') these are not shoes for me :(
So for all of you "little" girls...shoe tip!

This lovely shoes you can buy in Peacocks stores!
And you are welcome :)))
Stay tuned!

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