Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watching, Watching...

  At the summer time when the rain starts to fall and the temperature drops a few degrees and everything sinks into some pleasant peace there is not better way to spend that rainy day then to watch some good movie or TV show that you miss`t during the busy week So here are some TV show`s that i like to watch.

HOUSE! Because he is so brilliant, incredibly smart (And if you ask me that is very SEXY! :) Yup I know he is just a character in TV show, but awwww :D ) hot and sexy (I already mentioned that... Didn`t I? :)Every episode is quite medical adventure. I love to watch this show! LOVE!

One Tree Hill
Because after 8 season`s it never gets boring! NEVER! Even when Lucas (aka Chad Michael Murray) left show didn`t lose on quality. If you ask me perhaps season 6 is one of the best season! I cant believe i have to wait until spring 2012 for new season :(  Bummer! 

Gossip Girl
I love Gossip Girl because of fashion (and lonely boy of course ;)) So hot!). Story of show isn`t that let say i know better ones. But character and how they are dressed...AWESOME! Mean look at this fashionable pic, it is so cool and they look so good. But to me that is all. Good fashion and good actors are the best thing on this show. Hope story becomes better in time. 

Pretty Little Liars 
Because I literally can predict what will happened
next. Because A gives me a creeps! And because this summer starts new season! Yeah! If you didn`t watch it, you absolutely must! Yup it follows teens but the story is for every age group! 

First i am a big fan of crime TV show`s! But  this time i will put accent on this one! It is comedic crime procedural! Interesting, funny with little bit romance. Perfect  mixture for one awesome TV show.  Do i need to say more?! :)

This is just a little part of TV show`s that i like to watch. Yup I love TV! :))
Still raining here. 
Stay tuned! xoxo

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