Friday, June 24, 2011

Katerina`s Closet

 For all of you who are accessories lovers i have one awesome  suggestion!
Katerina`s Closet is very cool closet  where you can find unique piece or gifts you've been dreaming up in your mind. Even if you are not accessories lover at Katerina`s Closet you will find something that you will like or better say love! In this post accent is put on headbands. So here is some pieces that i really like. 

This colorful headband  is perfect for summer days! Its especially cool if you have curly hair! :)))When you are dressed in one color outfit, or just wearing something plain and (lets say it like this) boring. Trust me, with something like this in your hair your would look better!

Want to look classy and elegant? Well than
this headband is perfect for you. Because he is
large it will look like you are wearing a little hat. Like some English lady. And if that doesn't say 
classy i don`t know what does?! Little 
suggestion: if you are blond than every black
headband will look awesome on you. So try it!

This one i absolutely adore! It`s perfect for ME!
Girly! Classy! Little bit vintage! Every thing that i
like and need for everyday outfit! Love it!


This red headbands are so awesome! Very elegant and original! Perfect for classy ladies! 

I hope I have inspired you to accessorize  your wardrobe (and your head :) )  just a little bit!
This is just a little part of all beautiful thing that you can find in Katerina`s Closet. For more headbands, jewelry, barrettes, misc.... click HERE! Or you can tweet Katerina at  @KaterinasCloset! 
Stay tuned! xoxo

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