Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh that perfect body??? Or NOT!

Summer is finally here! YEAH!
And finally we can enjoy in sun and good weather and all good things that summer brings! And when I say SUMMER  I immediately think at swimming suit... So let me ask you....
Yup, you know what I am thinking about! So it is clear that we cant make big changes in a few days, but we can buy good swimming suit!
Popina  has some great vintage swimming suits that look AWESOME and make you feel perfect! And they are so pretty and cool that even if you have perfect body you would want to wear them. At least I would!
So have cool are they???
The red one (second one) is my favorite! So vintage, classy ....Love it!
So here you go! I have give you some ideas to think about. :)
Stay tuned! xoxo

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