Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things That Stop Me From Going Crazy

This days I am slowly but certainly going crazy! I am working as part time job in agency who researches public opinion. And my job is to find people and ask them:
1. What they like????
2.What they don`t like?????
3.Why they like that thing that they like????
4. Why they don`t like that thing that they don`t like????   
5. Why is the sky blue, sun shines, rain falls....???

And then again from the start! Same questions but in different form...
See why I am going crazy?
Pretty annoying! I cant decide what is more annoying... question.... or people.... Dead race!
  So to keep myself from going crazy I am letting out  frustration  (Yes! By bitching about it to YOU... Cheap psychoanalysis... :) LOL) I am putting pencil away, take a deep breath... And start a BREAK!  By doing the things that bring me peace and serenity...stop me from going crazy! Like....

Drinking coffee, Looking for some new crazy fonts, Listening to good music (Especially NEK! His music always makes me feel better! Click HERE for your daily dose of serenity ;) ) Cuddle up with my cats, Play with my dogs, Watch TV, Read book, Workout, Lay in my bed and just don`t thinking about anything, Eat chocolate, Watch movie or TV show that I miss, Sit outside and enjoying in heat of sun,  Read some interesting blogs , Write....OR just blog about it :) LOL 

Yup! Everything looks better after few minutes of break! :)
Stay tuned! Love!

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