Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden Man Fuss

 When European girl decide to watch Oscars then you know that is love (or craziness ... we can never discard that fact). Why else would anybody stay awake until 2:30 AM? WHY?
 So let me share with you same facts from last night..or should I say early morning....
   1.It was BORING!!!
The most time of mine ''watching'' Oscars i spend on twitter reading comments about Oscars,and tweeting. I even watch movie on other TV channel... Do I need to say more?!
 It's funny how in Hollywood,  the center of showbiz there is no one to write some interesting script for Oscars... I really don't understand HOW is that possible... Anyone would like to explain?!

  2. Most interesting part of all Oscar was red carpet... And I think that is a fact that is repeating every year.

  3. Like always Robert Downey, Jr. was AMAZING!
Do you remember his last year Oscars sketch with Jude Law? HILARIOUS! So I am wondering why isn't he been host yet...?

  4. Comment on twitter-totally rocked!
My fave tweet lady is (of course) dkny pr girl! With her tweets you had it all! From fashion to gossips to truth.  Best part was missy X who supposed to wear Donna Karan dress and that at the last minute (and I literally mean minute) change her mind...And came late to red carpet..  Do you hear spoiled star alarm going ON?!

  5. Is it just me or it seems like everyone had some botox, tanning, face lifting touches... hm? Anyone else notice that?

  6. Meryl rocks!!!
Is anyone else noticed that whenever she wears golden dress she gets a golden man?!?!?! Hm... There is something in that!
  7. JLO nipple... That isn't some big fact for me... But it was most talking thing...And it already has her own twitter account.. and US weekly even tweeted her... So..I guess.... Star was born?!

  8. You wait all your life to get Oscar, to be on that stage and than you have 30 seconds to thank all people that help you get there... 30 seconds?! Who decided that 30s is enough? I'll say you who someone who will never get Oscar!

  9. Best/Worst dressed... I would just say this is matter of personal taste and style... But I like...

Have to say I didn't notice the biggest dress up loser... And white was definitely trendy!

 So I can go on and on... But my body is dying... I am so sleepy...Fu**ing Oscars :)))
Until next time....
                      ...... the Oscars go too.... :))


  1. Robert Downey, Jr... ohh I have such a big crush on that guy hahaha

  2. You stay until 2AM? CRAZY! :D

  3. Hola preciosa,Melyl me fascina y Sandra me encanto su vestido,besos.

  4. I like Gwyneth`s dress! And Mila is very beautiful in this gown!


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