Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More SuperBowl impressions- Tom Brady

I always said how lucky is that man when Gisele choice him for her man. Let's be honest no one would say NO to Gisele :) But after watching SuperBowl I have to say
Gisele... You lucky bitch... Tom Brady is insanely HOT! :P
I don't know why but for me seeing boy..man..guy...doing sport is kind of  hot! You have to admit, there is something in boys who can play sport! 
So I guess I am one of those girls who has crush on jocks. 
And do you want to hear funny side of that crush? :))) 
You do?
I didn't have one boyfriend who was jock! Yup :D
I can't say that i know or that I meet lots of jocks but from those that I met no one was the one for me :)
It seems that I am one of those people who like to watch but not to touch.... (wait, wait... there is something seriously wrong in this sentence...am i right or am i right?? for all who are reading this i am sorry sometimes i just can't stop laughing on mine own words :D)
But lets get back on hot Tom Brady :) Some of you would say that he isn't that good looking, but for all of you here is the photo...
How cute is he looking here? :) 

So tell me on the scale from 1 to 5 (and 5 is totally insanely hot) 
how hot is Tom Brady? :)


Thank you for taking a moment of your time and sharing your thoughts with me!
Blink, blink :))
Check out later for respond! xoxo

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