Sunday, February 19, 2012


I LOVE this photo! It reminds me on those fancy photos from magazines :) I can imagine it being on wall of some fancy office or home.. (maybe even mine :)) ) And knowing that I am on this photo, and that my sis took it, make's it totally FAB!

 For you who follow my blog you probably noticed that I mention my sister a lot... I know! I do it all the time.. We are very close, she is my best friend and the most important person in my life.. And I literally can't make any conversation and not to mention her at least twice.. Silly? :) What can I say... that is me.

 For long time I was telling her to make her blog and last Sunday out of the blue that finally happened!
So lady's and gentlemen meet SPARKLE, my sis blog!
I will just say she is FAB, and blog is totally worth following! That said, go and check it out by clicking HERE.

On one of the first post You can see  me modeling... (read making goofy face, laughing like crazy, and pretending that I am model... so much fun!! )
I will just say you Gisele doesn't need to worry that I am going to take her job :D lol
 This is just a sneak peek of that photo shooting, for more go to SPARKLE.


  1. that picture is absolutely mag material :) xx

  2. Oh the cat is sooo cute!!! Thank you for your comment in my blog my dear!

  3. I love that photo, so natural and gorgeous :) awesome coat too. xx

  4. such a cute cat in love with your coat so chic

    1. thank you! :)))
      so sweet of you! xo

  5. pretty coat!

  6. You look so cute, I love the red coat.

  7. Such a cute look. Love that coat.



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