Thursday, December 22, 2011

Esa chica....

que los puedo decir.... :)))
¡Hola gente!
yup, i am alive... what can i say time is passing so quickly when you work, study, travel, have fun, live...  so when to sleep.... yeah that is my life in this past weeks..... but i am not complaining! i like it... i love it!
In brief
what? she is again going to do some  post in few words... after all that time.... ¡que mala!
yup something like that... still don´t have time :) But soon!!!!
So what is NEW?
*passed the exam of spanish or better said ESPAÑOL :))) yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!
Without studying... How? I don´t know... But I didn´t have time for studying.... And I did it! 
Now i have B1 nivel de español! 
¡Ole! :)))
*I am talking spanish.... Like talking.... 
After 3 months... ah! it´s soooooooooo cool!
*At my job i did some amazing stuff! My boss is very happy with me!
And I am very proud of myself! :)
* I am doing presentation on english, writing paper on very easy way... And sometiemes i stop and start thinking HOW?
*I am becoming real spanish girl... :D hahahah

I am good! I am happy! I love my new friends! My life here...
And I really love Spain!
in brief :)))


BTW did i miss something? 


Thank you for taking a moment of your time and sharing your thoughts with me!
Blink, blink :))
Check out later for respond! xoxo

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