Thursday, December 29, 2011

Friends, Coffee, and cute Boys....

OK... I live in Spain... And talking about winter doesn´t have to much sense... But it gets cold here... and sometimes you need cup of hot pleasure.... yup :))
It´s one of my favorite things to do! Drinking coffee/tea/hot chocolate in some cozy cafe and talking with my friends.... Oh.... PERFECTION!

Because is winter and jolly time one of my favorite drinks at this moment is starbucks pepermint mocha!
Did you try it???
Oh, you have to!!!!

Oh i love it so much! My friend Viv says ´´pepermint with coffee? NO´´ :)) but for me it´s amazing!

So yee, Starbucks  in Valencia is one of my favorite places!

And you know how they say ´´you never know who you will meet next´´
Well I agree! ;)) are drinking your coffee with your friend, and there is some cute guys that can´t stop looking at you, and you tell that to your friend, and than she is looking at them, and then you start laughing... and.... Oh life is soooo amazing sometimes! :)



  1. ohh lovely pictures dear!!=)
    kisses pretty and have a nice week!

  2. love sturbucks!!
    Kisses from:

  3. Thank you girls!! :))



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