Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"I Put A Spell On You"

Hello lovely people! :)))
How are you today? Are you enjoying in first days of  2012?
So many questions... :))
Well it is that perfect time of year when we can slow it down ... Take a deep breath... Glass of wine...or beer :)) Put some nice music... Some good movie... TV show that you wanted to watch... To call friend you always plan to call but never did... 
It's that time of year when we dress up sparkly with lots of glitter and glam... When we go out a lot... Dance a lot... Flirt a lot ;) oh yeah! When we make plans... And expect everything will be different or better... And that we are going to stop doing that, and that and that...:D hahaha Oh how we lie to our self's!
 But still it's that time of year :) jolly time....magic time... ;) 
Maybe even perfect time to fell in love, to find love, to kiss someone, to do something crazy to put a spell ;)
Oh yeah... 
I love this song!
Enjoy my lovelies! And remember everything is possible ;)



  1. Hi, Sladjin!

    I saw your post on roots, wings, and other things and I wanted to meet you! I am your newest follower :)

    Hope we can be friends!

    love, polly :D

  2. Sure we can :) I would love to be your friend :))

    BTW it's SladjA :)



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