Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Say My Name

When I named my blog I did't think about other people, langue's.... I just wanted something simple... So in that moment Sladjin Blog look like good choice... Why?
 Well Sladja is my name :) And blog like one word that covers every topic...
So it was like that Sladjin Blog :)

Now when I live in Spain I see how to some people is hard to say my name.. And at first they all say it is impossible... But now they all know how to say it. :)) OK! I admit everyone say it diferent...
 My portuguese friend (J)... Well he says my name in 2 ways. One is very similar to way how people who speak my langue say it. and other way is very rough, and sound like insult. For my ears it's like hell. And my name means Sweetie or Dulce, so how can you say it and to sound so... ugh! No me gusta/Me nooo like!!
 My portuguese girl friend (Vivi) accents my name so the part sla-dja sounds more determined :) And I like it!
 For spanish people my name in first step was impossible! Ye impossible! They even said to me
''we have to find you some nickname! your name is impossible to pronounce!''
But now everyone knows how to say it :)) Oh yeee.. And they say it...hm...in many different ways. It's hard to explain but they say it.
 And from all that different ways my favorite way of saying my name is when my italian friend (N) says it. Slaža :)) so if you know my language you know how it sounds. But for you that don't know let's just say that it has some Italian melodic! :)

How I live in Spain and my best friend are from Portugal and Italy I don't hear the right way of saying my name so often, so I started saying my name in some different way. It just sound different. And every time I say it I start laughing :)  
 When I am in Starbucks or some other place were i need to say my name I always say Sara, Ana...something simple. It's easy to be Sara then to explain spelling, then reading... For God sake I just want coup of coffee :)

So do you know how to say my name?! :) 


  1. I have an idea how to say it, but it seems that I still might be saying it wrong! slaw-d-ja ? like that? lol :D

  2. HAhahah :)
    Oh i would love to hear how that sounds :) in my head i imagine it sounds with Russia accent.
    As u see i how lots of fun with my name! :D LOL

    Thanks for commenting!


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