Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sharing Joy #7: That Beautiful Lights

My dear friends jolly season ended... And I don't know is it me or jolly season past so fast this year...?!

I have to admit I wasn't so in jolly mood as I know to be....
I don't know... so many things happened... so many changes... that i didn't have time to be in my usual jolly mood :)
Well except one time when my friend Vivi and I where walking around Valencia and singing Christmas songs  :))) it was sooo much fun! 
I enjoy so much in making this jolly post :) In taking this photos!
I hope u felt some of joy looking my photos!
This photos are from Castellon de la Plana, Spain! One lovely town near Valencia. If you ever visit this area be sure to visit! 
So with this post I am finishing SHARING JOY posts! If you didn't see any of this posts click HERE and see what you miss :)


  1. hi there im having a H&M versace giveaway,come join?

  2. oh it looks amazing. i love spain.

  3. ohh very beautiful dear!!
    love Castellon!!
    kisses pretty!!
    pd:espero que aprendieras algo de español jeje..;)

  4. claro que si! tengo un nivel de B1 :D jajajaja


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