Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boys and Girls start packing....

...WE are MOVING!
Moving? What? Who? Where?
What is happening here?
My dear readers this is what is happening, I am moving to Spain! Yes I said Spain! Where I am going to live and work (and learn how to speak Spanish) for next 3 months. 
I can even describe You how I feel these days... Happy.. Sad.. Fear... Exciting... It's real fusion of emotion.
This is huge thing for me!
First. It's one amazing job opportunity!
Secondly. OMG! Living in Spain! How AMAZING is that??
Thirdly. Learning to speak Spanish  in Spain! Awesome! 

And that there is that fourth thing that makes me forget about all good things. Going ALONE in Spain. Not knowing anyone there. Being far away from everything I love...

So I can't take with me my sister, my family, my friend, my pets and all those little things that I love but I can bring YOU with ME! So start packing :)) 
Remember when I told you there will be lots of surprise on SB (aka Sladjin Blog) ??? :)))
Oh yes!

So start packing, Spain is waiting for us! :)
until next time..... xoxo


  1. mucha suerte!!españa te va a gustar¿a que parte de España te vienes?
    un besillo=)

  2. Goooood luck!!! I love Spain, can't live without it! You'll like it there.
    By the way, in November I'll be in Madrid. What city will you stay at?

  3. At first you'll feel lonely, terribly lonely. Advice: go shopping. It really helps=) But then step by step it'll get better ;-)

  4. @ Raquel oh thank you! i will need it :) xx

    @ Lapertitblonde sorry foe responding on english but my spanish is not that good :) oh i know! i already love spain. i been there 2 years ago. feel in love and said i'll be back.... who is laughing now :D
    i am in Castellón de la Plana. any near? i would love to have someone to drink coffee there!!!

    @ Yulia that is one good advice! i know i already love spain :) in Castellón de la Plana, near Valencia. oh it would be so cool if we could meet there!!! :) xx

  5. this is far from my city!!=(
    i´m from the north of Spain in Cantabria(Santander)!!
    you will like Spain..people,party,food!!everything is wonderful!!
    kisses pretty!!=)

  6. Jeez, Sladja! I envy you so much! I love Valencia, it's the city of my heart!!!!
    I go to Madrid but come to Valencia for one day=)) It's just that I cannot go to Spain without visiting Valencia XD

  7. Srecno, nadam se da ces imati lep provod.

  8. @marama Hvala draga! I ja se nadam :)) xx

    @ Yulia awww that is so awesome. i will email you my contact in spain, so we can organize! Awww Valencia we are coming! :))


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