Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wanna be a FASHION blogger?!

This days seems like all world wants to be fashion blogger. If somebody is asking for my opinion...I must say...

First. This is my open letter to all wanna be fashion blogger, or better said to people who take photos of their outfits and publish them on their own web space.

Second. (In my mind) You are not fashion blogger if you just take photos of your outfits. Being FASHION blogger hasn't (or it shouldn't have) anything to do with labels that you wear. If you are wearing D&G, PRADA, DKNY...etc. it doesn't mean that you are fashionable, it just mean that you have money. And fashion (if you ask me) is all about style NOT money! Yes, I admit having money can buy you personal stylist, and fabulous outfits, but it can buy you a personal style.

Third. If you wanna become a real fashion blogger you must work on your own personal style. Copying somebody other style is pretty dumb!

Fourth. All this bla, bla talk is coming from where???
Ah... I was lookin trough the blogger world to maybe find somebody new and interesting to follow, and i find her... Cute girl, wearing a cute dress with fabulous shoes... I'm looking and thinking this looks interesting and that from nowhere.... zoomed shot of hers thous fab shoes.... her nail... (like one month old) chipped nail polisher! And that image was so gross that I couldn't belive my eyes what I am seeing!

 Some of you are probably thinking what is she making all fuss about it, it happens to all of us. And I agree with that, it does. But do you publish that so everyone can see?! Well, I don't!
Yes, it happens to me (and I'm sure in future it will too) but I am embarrassed by it, and I put my hands in pockets so nobody can see it!

Did she really put a nice dress, fab shoes, put makeup on, perfume, and go out with chipped nail polisher?

When did having  chipped nail polisher become fashionable? Who is that actress/ singer/ model...etc. that went to the public place and where shooted by paparazzi and her 'didn't have time/ I'm too lazy to care about myself ' become trendy? Who is she? Or better one WHY?

If you tip 'chipped nail polisher' on Google you'll get a thousand of such pics publish by girls/bloggers ?
Seeing that I have the impression that I live on MARS!

If someone is... Let say wearing dress from meat (wait? this already happened?right?) do we all need to wear it just because some famous person did? Let me tell you if that was some ordinary girl you would said she is crazy!

What happened with style?
Call me old fashion gal but I crave for times when Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn were fashion icons. I crave for the times when less was more. For the times when natural look, red lipstick, little bit of makeup, smile on face and simple femininity was only thing needed to be beautiful!

I know that time passed. I know we live in time where over tanning,  to much makeup, dressing like a stripper and apparently chipped nail polisher is (i quote ) trendy ????
I know I can't change that.

But let me just say you this. You need just few minutes to remove your nail polisher!
Don't be lazy!


  1. I can agree with you more!
    Great post!

  2. It really touched you, huh?

  3. fashion blogging is love.


  4. A: thank you - appreciate it!

  5. Thanks Anne. It's nice to know I'm not alone with this one.
    Oh Yulia what can I say... I always have opinion... About everything... It's sad that young girl take for fashion icon people who not deserve it...
    And I totally agree with you Style Citrus!

    Thanks for commenting girls! xo

  6. Well, you know at first I got mad withgirls and women who wore chipped nail polish but they I told myself, hey, these women do not respect themselves, because a chipped nail polish is the same as rag clothes. So now when I see such nasty hands I just think how lucky I am to be not lazy to remove it in time=)

  7. Hahahh :) Yulia you are real sweetheart!
    And you are right, again :)

    I wrote this post in hope that some young girl would maybe read it, and start using her head and start create her own unique stile! And not imitate someone's.
    I know, I expect too much :D well girl can hope ;) right?!

  8. Sure you're right! You know we are female! I mean men are boring because what they have? A couple of polos, jeans and shoes. That's it! And we have so many things to spoil a bit (hehe) ourselves that why not using this opportunity? XD

  9. I like what you said in the second paragraph. x

  10. I hate chipped nail polish!!!
    hahaha I can't believe that's actually fashionable!

  11. Hhaha Yulia you are absolutely right!

    Thank you Victoria. Glade you like it.

    tell me about it, Sonaj. I can't believe it too. :)

  12. Zeno, ti si urnebesno duhovita!!

  13. Joj :) hvala ti punooooooooooo! :) xxxx


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