Monday, September 12, 2011

My weekend

"All the crazy shit I did tonight
Those would be the best memories...." perfect description of this weekend! ;)
This is my favorite pic from this weekend :)
But lets go from the start. I know that is September and that  autumn is approaching but it sure doesn't feel like that. I spend all weekend enjoying in summer. And i loved it!
 Even my cat enjoyed in napping at sun.
I'm telling you I don't sense autumn anywhere .
And night was reserved for going out with my girls.
Here is part ''What I'm Wearing''
And this is where crazy part starts :)
I can't even describe you have much (crazy) fun we had.
I was laughing all night! And dancing all the time, that later my feet hurt so much... but it was worth it!
We met an amazing guy,(he was here visiting his family, and we bump on each other so many times that it seem like destined as to meet) become friends instantly and after chit chatting we took him to club with us. 
And I must say he perfect fit in our gang. Beautiful ways of life!
Only bad thing was losing my favorite ring...
Note to myself: when you plan to party hard don't wear your favorite jewelry! What?
One of the advantages of returning home late (or early...depending on the point of view :D) is the 
possibility to see something absolutely gorgeous. 
Full red moon! Ah, breathtaking!
Can you blame me for wanting to spend  Sunday in bed? :)
Family lunch. Coffee. Cake. TV. Napping.
But it didn't last long. My friend (blond in black) got news that she graduated so we were so happy that we had to celebrate it.... Ah, what can I say... It was one long and happy weekend for me :)

Stay tuned! xoxo


  1. thanks for the nice comment. cute photos! xx

  2. Supercute!!!! I like your blog! if you want, we can follow each other, let me know!!!
    The Shabby Labels, New OUTFIT Post!

  3. Hehehe, just one guy for so many girls? XD
    The dress is so much cute!

  4. wow it looks like such a fun weekend :D

  5. Oh Izy it was :))

    @Yulia I know. Brave men! :D hahah
    Thank you

    Thanx for commenting :)


  6. Looks like a fum weekend with friends, wonderful!

  7. looks like you had a super weekend :)

  8. @ Natasha oh it was :) xx

    @ ZatZ i did :)xo

    @Michelle me too :) xo

    Thanks for commenting:)

  9. LOOOVE IT!! great style :)
    you are so adorable!
    please visit my blog and become a member if u like it,this would be an honour for me !
    melina from

  10. thank you so much. i will :)


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