Friday, September 9, 2011


What happened with courtship?

You know that good old one on one, face to face, girl and boy talk.

I saw this movie (just to be clear the movie takes place in rural 1800s England. ) that really start me thinking about that and those times.

Times when boy and girl for the first time saw each other... Maybe even like each other from the first view.... Meet... Talk... And more talk... Than walk out together... Keep each other company...
And call each other FRIENDS before anything else.

And today...

Seems like we replace face to face talk with texting, tweeting, emailing....
I don't know is it just mine experiences or people (better said MAN) have more courage when they use modern technology than when they talk to you face to face. Like you are texting with one person and than when you get face to face with that person it's someone else.. What is that? Or is this just happening to me?!

Oh, it would be nice to talk to someone.... without modern technology... without that dumb rules....
Just talk...about everything and anything!

Ah, call me old fashioned and poor romantic soul but sometimes (this) girl just needs to talk!




  1. Haha, I agree so much with you. You know the boy I'm sort of moving to Europe to 'see how things' go with? Well. We had the sweetest thing happen when we were traveling together. We were at that awkward stage, where we both obviously liked each other and we'd kissed and stuff but we weren't sure where things were going... we'd been apart for two days as I didn't go with them to Laos and I'd arrived in Vietnam really tired and grumpy. Bumped into them in the hotel foyer and told them I was going out, alone, to buy some things. Handsome man asked me to get some body wash for him, and I said sure - I owed him a lot of money for booking my tour for me.

    I didn't find any, and so I texted his phone letting him know I had no luck and that he should let me know if he needed any local currency and gave him my hotel room number. He was literally a floor above me, and called me on the phone at around 11pm - we had to be up at 7, so we both agreed it best that he didn't come to my room, and i guess we were both a bit nervous what would happen if we were left alone... we ended up talking on the phone for OVER TWO HOURS - although we were in the same hotel room, and I awkwardly noticed the time and basically hung up on him. It was nice. It was real. At the moment we're emailing a lot, and it's nice because it's all we really have time to do, but it feels so synthetic. You lose so much of human interaction on the Internet - and it's really taking such a big part of our lives away.

    And the whole "xx is now single" on Facebook, urgh.

    I Just wrote a little blog post on your blog, sorry xx

  2. Awwww Izy i absolutely adore you! :) You can write on my blog anytime! Ah, you are giving this romantic soul little bit of hope!
    I did't know that for


  3. Well I'll keep you updated with any juicey gossip on here, as that certain handsome man has been known to read my blog, so I'll feel a little weird telling too much on my blog, knowing he can read it!!!! You're a romantic soul too? It's dangerous, huh?! Hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  4. OMG i was wondering does he read your blog! Oh that can be soooo weird :) Well you can always post it on mine.
    I'm serious it would be honered to have you here as guest editor! Offer stands :)
    Yes! I know... Through hard way i learned that people are mean.. So I keep my shield way up :)

    OMG Izy you totally made my day! :)) xoxo

  5. I hate our days for being so non-personal, so call-me-text-me-fb-me. I hate it and I prefer to go out with my friends. The real world is much more interesting than those stories people made up on the Internet.
    I remeber well when Skype became so popular. At first, everybody used the skpe me buton a looot! But that was strange for me: some stranger writes a message. In five minutes that person is ready to visit their country, stay at their place and so on, so forth. We both know it's a lie. So why saying this? That was the things that just annoyed me.
    On the other hand, modern technologies are quiete useful. For example, I'm a very reserved person and will never show what I feel. Even I-love-you becomes too hard to say for me. And it's morally easier to start writing these 3 words first and just then trying to say them out loud.

  6. Yulia i completely agree with you! I have the same opinion! There are good and bad sides of modern technology.
    You just give me something to think about... A idea for new post... :)Thanks!

    I must say i'm very lucky blogger girl for having so smart people to reading my blog and share's there opinions with me. :) xx

  7. I think that people are relying on modern technology too much.. It's somehow easier that way, I guess.. That's not so good, because we are losing that personal touch. In one way we are closer to the world then ever, but in other way we are making bigger and bigger distance around us.. But, there are good sides, there are bad sides.. I have few good ones here - I met my husband that way.. sort of :)

  8. Of that is so cute! My friend also met her husband that way :))) So ye there are definitely good and bad sides of technology.
    I totally agree with you. Thanx for commenting :)


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