Thursday, March 8, 2012

Being a woman..

Being a woman....
It's hard to say all thing that make as the way we are... it's hard to name all the reasons we are the way we are... That is probably why man don't understand as that often.

But being a woman is more than perfect hair, good outfit, and red lips... Even we do spend quite a lot time thinking about that... It's more than being a daughter , sister, girlfriend, lover, wife, mother....And we are all of that! It's more and bigger than universe... And it's mystic and unspoken  as universe himself

They write song about us. They blame us. They put us in the stars. They hate us.

Being a woman... is hard. We often don't know what we wont. We often wont something that we don't know. We love and hate at the same time...

You think complicated is word that can describe us?! Hahahahaha don't make me laugh!

Being a woman...
Sometimes more, sometimes less.. Day by day... Everyday!

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