Wednesday, March 21, 2012


1. I'we been taking lot's of random photos with my phone!
2. I am sick AGAIN! But this time in very strange and painful way...but let's not talk about it. I will just say..
                                   Dear Immunity,
When ever you decide to kick in,
it will be fine by me!
                                                      Sincerely, ME! 

3. I've been watching Hart Of Dixie! And I love it!So far the best new show!
4. Obsessed with MINT. Colour. Cloths. Nails. Food.. tea, chocolate.. Totally love it!
5. I'm lost and trying to find my way in this big universe... Like always.
6. Sad. My cat is missing. And every time think on that I'm not going to see him my heart breaks over and over again.
7. Totally IN my sis fashion blog Sparkle! And all my fashion ideas and thought go there. So if someone is missing me you can find me there. Behind the scenes, and sometimes on it :) But I'm all over it!
8. Spring. Sun. Friends. Shorts. Flats...
                                                          Hope you are enjoying too! xo


  1. so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I am sending well wishes your way!


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