Friday, March 9, 2012

Note To Self

Dear ME,
 Please be aware that makeup exist for a reason! And you have it for a reason. And you buy it and spend your money for a reason... And your morning  behavior ..
''oh i'm so tired... i want to sleep... i'm to lazy to put makeup on... it's not like somebody important is going to see me .. mean..i am going block away... who will see me..'' really not good attitude missy! And I am not going to mention all the blush situation you put us in to!
 You know you can always look yourself in the mirror and be shocked. 
 So for our well being please have in mind that!

yours  You!


  1. nice blog:)
    please visit me in free time:)

  2. I wish we had it easy like men! :) They don't have to do anything!


    1. you are totally right sister. they really have it easy ;)xx

  3. You are beautiful! I understand though.. I have so much makeup and most days I would rather just not wear it, sleep in and go out all natural! haha =)

    1. i totally agree about natural is better, BUT when is winter my face is sooo white that makeup is really life-saver ;) xx


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