Friday, April 1, 2011

ME going Bla, Bla

  Hello everyone (OR better said anyone! If someone is actually reading this! LOL And if you are please give me a sign! p.s. If you are Aliens please don`t abduct me! ;) LOL)
This is busy week for me, and i don`t have a lot of time for writing and researching, and to be frankly honest  i don`t have inspiration...Damn you inspiration! :) So i decided to blabbed a little. To be honest i always go bla, bla...LOL..But this is a limit! :)
     Spring is here and everything seems better! Everybody is smiling! Streets are alive!  Joy and happiness! Its funny what good weather can do to are mood! #SoLoveSpring
My new COOL socks!
     I was in shopping yesterday !  Yeeeeeeee....  I am totally shopaholic! Must say I have completely better opinion now about New Yorker stores! So guys go check it out! I bought some nice things but i am most excited about my socks! I literally look all over the town for them! But they are totally worth it! They cost about 7 euros (700RSD) LORETTA (Astra Socks, Serbia). They are so cool! Like it?
    I am going to some fancy wedding tomorrow! Still don`t know what to wear.... Must say its hard being a girl! :D hahaha Hope i  will take some interesting pics and share it with you!
    My writing language on this blog  is  Serbian or English ( depends of mood). So i hope that TRANSLATOR is working well?! And that my English is any good that you can understand what i`m saying. :) #Hope LOL
 And now i will STOP! Bla, Bla....Stop!  :D Hope everyone will have great weekend!
And if you have some great pic, story, song...anything you would like share  with me! Email me at OR tweet me @ItsMiss_S ! And it maybe will be published! :)

Thanks everyone for reading (especially  Aliens:D )! Love!


  1. now spring ..As the tide of my soul
    yea muse cool .. nice :)


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