Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something to read!

   It is always  a good time to read some good book! I love to read. I love books! Love, love, love....So I decided to share my passion with you, and maybe to give you suggestion what to read next. My suggestions  are....

   Best book ever! Its one of my favorite books. This is that sort of book that you read in one breath. Mystery, crime, love...It has it all! So if you didn`t read it I highly recommend it!
Its crime story about a man who comes to live in a small place and with his arrival strange things start to happened....


   I never read any of self-help books but EAT PRAY LOVE i think I can put in that department. If you are at the crossroads in life or just feeling lost this may be perfect book for you. But don`t expect that one book can solve your problems. That will be pretty naive of you. But  if you carefully read and open your mind you can definitely learn something from it. If you like the movie EAT PRAY LOVE you will love the book.

   And if you want something nice and easy, just to chill then i have two suggestions for you! First one is FALLING AWAKE by Jayne Ann Krentz. I personally would never bought this book, but i got it as a present so i decide to let go of  my prejudices and to read it. And it totally blow me away! It is so funny and interesting and easy to read. It`s perfect book for hard days when you just want to take a break.
 And second one is SHOPAHOLIC ABROAD by Sophie Kinsella. If you are, let say, "modern girl" you probably read it but if you have never read any of Shopaholic`s adventure i highly recommend this one! Love, Romance & Being Girl ;) So let go of  prejudices "i am not person for this type of books"  read it, and than decide if  you are or you are not that person.

 Because this post is written in English I want to emphasize that each of the book exist  in Serbian language to! Tako da znate ;)

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