Saturday, April 30, 2011

Modern fairy tale

  It was one perfect day for fairy tales. That kind of fairy where no evil wizards, witches or evil stepsisters who will spoil the day. Yes, it was the perfect day for joy and happiness for all.

 The center of attention was her...Kate (and her dress..... a little bit). Ordinary girl that won the heart of Prince.Who? Who?! 'Waite Katie'?! No,No! Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge! Yes!! She is one lucky girl! She found her prince and got a crown!

Every bride has her bridesmaids and Kate`s was her little sister Pippa. Sisters ..that special bound...

And after "I will"...."I will"... For perfect end to a wonderful day .... kiss.... And no just one but two...Yes it was perfect day for love and fairies ..Yes it was a perfect fairy tale!
Yes, fairy tales do exist! :) 

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