Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day, BBQ & Coca~Cola

    International Workers`Day or May Day is a international celebration of the working people and their labour unions. 
Day that celebrates struggle for better working conditions, better wages...better life. It is  a national holiday in more than 80 countries, mine is one of them. And we celebrate him by NOT working! It`s funny when you think about it"day of work" by "not working" ... :D In my country it is tradition that for the May Day people go to the one-day camping and spend time with their family and friend. Camping in natural, have BBQ ... Just having good time without mentioning the rights of workers... But could you blame us? In this busy-crazy world it is nice to take a break from every day stuff and just enjoy in natural with people you love. Yes it one nice holiday! I don`t know about you guys but i can imagine BBQ without Coca-Cola! I know it is bad! I know it is poison! But with BBQ i don`t care! It`s perfect drink! :D And combination of BBQ, spending day in nature with people you love, having good time and off course Coca-Cola it makes a perfect day. 
   Problems that we have will still be there and tomorrow. And our struggle for better life and better job will continue. So if you ask me May Day is perfect day  to focus on people you love.  
 So i hope you enjoyed in May 1 of 2011th. It is just one time in life ... ;)  don`t forget! :))

Stay tuned!

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