Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dans l'esprit des Français

  I have one great idea for this lazy Sunday... :) Let`s elope to France!!! :)
Don`t be fooled by title! Level of my French is zero! :D But thank God on translator ;) 
So OK at this moment i can be in France... in Paris....and watch Roland Garros... But that will not  stop me of making my home in one-day Franch oasis!
How? Easy! :)) 
First MUSIC! Are ther better way to feel that spirit of France than through music? I don`t think so! And I have perfect suggestion for you! So push play and turn it loud! :)

Second MOVIE! For lazy sunday there isn`t better movie than French romance :) And I have perfect suggestion (again)! HEARTBREAKER with gorgeous Romain Duris and beautiful & magical (Woman that wins the heart of Johnny Deap must be magical) Vanessa Paradis. Perfect comedy for this lazy day!
Third- MERCI! :) Chocolate :)) Je suis un grand fan de chocolat ;) (Yup, translator is working! hahah) Well if you want to go in details it`s actually German`s chocolate with French name.. But who cares? It`s absolutely perfect! Four taste in one box! How good is that??? Mmmmm 
And how to not love it???

 Off course if you know how to cook some French meal (i don`t know) it would be perfect! That nice cooking smell  that opens the senses and makes you feel like you are in France. Or you can just slice of  cheese, open bottle of wine and (off course) ,for perfect French touch, put some Channel 5 :)) What more says France than Channel? 
And do not forget to put some cute outfit in French stile :) For me ribbon in the hair is required!
For perfect French touch you must be seductive and sexy :) French kiss...French maid... Do I need to say any more??? :) No you don`t need to leave your home to make your life more interesting! You just need imagination :)
Jusqu'à la prochaine fois! Au revoir! :)

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