Friday, May 27, 2011


 From time to time it`s good to have someone who will remind you at some things...(I have reminder for everything!) Today I am yours reminder :)) I know, i know...I am so lovely :D LOL
So few day`s ago i watched one awesome movie and it remind me at lot of thing that i forgot during every day life (you know that feeling?!). And I just start to thinking about really important things in life...And what I really want... But that is me... I think too much :)
For YOU reminder is one oldie but goodie movie MUSIC FROM ANOTHER ROOM (1998) with (phenomenal :P ) Jude Law, Gretchen Moe and Jennifer Tilly! Did you watched it? Well if you didn`t it`s PERFECT movie for the weekend! Full of love, funny, interesting, easy to watch and to forget all every day stuff. Just to chill! And who knows maybe...just maybe it will remind you at something forgotten... But who knows... :))
They don`t make movies like this any more... Such a pity!
Enjoy in weekend my dear blog readers :) Love xoxo

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