Monday, May 9, 2011


 3+1 Cool things that are for ME must have for this Spring are....
Cool~Shoe.... It`s funny how pair of nice shoes can make you happy... :) Well this time it`s not shoes it`s sneakers but it`s the same joy! For this Spring i have one special pair of pink sneakers! Yeah PINK!!! :) I am not a fan of sports clothing, but this pink sneakers I LOVE! With jeans and nice jacket it`s perfect casual combination FOR every day! And because they are PINK casual and neutral colors outfit gets pretty cool look! So for ME they are the coolest shoe/sneakers for this Spring! :))

 Sparkle lips.... It is so good to be GIRL sometimes! :) Thank God for makeup! But did you know that glosses dry out the lips?! Yes! They do! And they are not recommended for everyday use... So when you buy lip glosses pay attention to the composition....OR maybe for everyday use try with lip balm with sparkle! But if you are lover of lip glosses i have suggestion for you :) essence glossy lip balm!!! It sparkles! It is good for your lips! And it smells amazing!!! You have several choices of this lip HERE to see! But my suggestion is sparkling cherry! As I said it smells perfect while giving your lips a slight reddish color. It`s absolutely  perfect for everyday use! Do I need to mention and that is pretty cheap ;)
 Sunglasses.... I love to wear sunglasses! They are perfect accessory! For this season their are several models that are trendy! But i think every glasses that makes you feel good are trendy! Don`t forget when you are trying new models and they look funny on perfectly normal! Some models just look different than others, so they look funny. But be brave and try something new :)
 So this are 3 COOL things.... And +1 is....... smile!!! Don`t forget smile on your face is best thing that you can wear! So put smile on your face...Wear some cool thing....Call to you dear people...And enjoy in Spring! 

Stay tuned! xoxo

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